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[Guild] [K25][ROI] Royals International guild recruiting

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We are a 7bil Guild with 10 t4 players and many are almost there to become t4. 
We have one simple motto: 'Loyalty to Royalty!' We stand, fight and survive together as one united front.

Why join us: 

We get 300+ gifts/day.
We are at expert Gauntlet in guild fests(Tier 23 currently hoping to move further with new additions)
We dont stand and watch whats happening in kingdoms during kvk's we fight for forts and play major part in kingdom battle.
We are very active and also currently based not in a dead kingdom :)


 5 lvl1 monster/day atleast.
 score 1000+ points in guild fest(No exceptions)
 phase 3 in kvk.
 Also be active in chats :D we like things lively.

Contact: Influent (Recruitment)
             Amuzz (Recruitment)

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Any problem in that? xD