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[Guild] [MPI] Mother Punchers Inc war guild fam of DPI Recruiting in K47

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Posted on 2017-12-07 08:53:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

  • Hello Lords,
    We recently migrated with family over to K47 to war things up with our family guilds!. Sitting at close to 5 Billion Might with only 73 member we are looking to fill our roster with killers. We currently have 8 T4 members with more hitting T4 every month. We do have requirements so check us out and drop your best Mom joke on our Diplo board! Great bunch of experienced Gods and Goddesses that will make you feel like family because we are family!
    • 50 Million Might Requirement
    • 5 Million Kills <-- This number can very, but we want to see at least 10%. Expect it to increase and expect to lose troops and rebuild! No Farmers, No leeches!
    • At least 5 lvl 1 monster kills a day. We are gift level 25 now as well
    • Active participation in ALL events

    Search for [MPI]Murkd in game or shoot or post Reddit Recruit on our Diplo board!!!

Killin is EZ as breathin