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[Guild] Looking for a Guild

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Posted on 2017-12-07 07:02:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

I m 60m might participate in all guild events.
score 1200+ in guild fest.
complete phase 3 in kvk.
kill atleast 5 lvl 1 monster/day.
very active so fill any darknests or real rallies.

wanting to find a nice active guild to look upon.
ingame name: Arjunxx
Plz post the guild name if u think i can be helpful to you too :)

Posted on 2017-12-07 16:40:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, you could be helpful for our guild. Which kingdom are you in ?

Posted on 2017-12-08 00:46:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

RQM in k162 could use you! Message me in game - CR3AMPIE

Posted on 2017-12-09 00:56:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey! Newly established and currently 77 members strong!

Guild Name: PRX

Guild Gift LVL 28


Posted on 2017-12-09 05:33:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes I going yo would be a great help to any guild by being active and putting  effort into your play . I am a r4 of a guild in kingdome 164,  [Bow] leader is dab rex please contact him if your intrested in teaching the do and don't of the game to newer guild mates and helping defend the hive when it is called for. We do not go out burning regularly or ever as a guild and all r4 have been playing on the same team 1year+ and just decided to  start our own guild. We like positive influence and professional attitudes. But we love to play and extremely active just small and new just getting ready to make t4 troops  lv 10 research is all that is left and not many for some of us

Posted on 2017-12-09 22:50:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

R_R could use a member like you! message me in game - S Y R U P

Posted on 2017-12-27 13:48:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild name : KCR( K47)
Leader name:KSR SF
Recruiting :50mm or 10mk minimum ( with exception)

Must letter: Xxtremexx, Phoenixdye,xalandar or Germanjunk upon applying

~Guild information~

Current guild might :5 billion above
Current member : 84/100
Guild focus : Kills( no farmers pls)
Mandatory Participation:Guild fest.

Thank you.