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[Guild] Growing Guild (beginner guide)

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Posted on 2017-05-17 22:21:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Growing your guild, one of the most important parts in the game, in order to grow yourself you need to grow your guild.

Guilds are very useful when it comes to growing you account, Growing your guild can in return grow you own account.

Benefits of being in a guild:
- Able to send resources to each other, gathering takes a long time but with the help of your guild mates you can do those expensive researches and buildings. 

- Gifts, you gain gifts when any member of your guild kills a monster, these gifts contain speed ups resource packs, gems items essential for upgrading battle hall, prison and altar and all sorts of buffs 

- Attacking/rallying, you are able to attack a castle with more troops depending on what level your battle hall is, for example if you are castle 25 you can send 200k troops to attack (NO BUFFS OR HEROES) if your battle hall is level 25 you can attack Someone with 2.5mil troops (No BUFFS OR HEROES) This is very helpful when trying to take out a big enemy 

- Sending gifts, Members of your guild who have brought a $100 pack have the gift ability and are able to send gifts to anyone lower might then them, gifts that can be sent is any from the gem shop.

- Guild fest, not going to go in depth of this but if you are in a guild with enough members you can get great rewards,

Growing the guild.

in order to grow a guild, you must have a good leader, someone who has experience with the game and knows how to grow and help members out, 

- You can gain members by recruiting on global chat you can also message those around you who aren't in a guild but are mostly inactive if they are.

- In order for your guild to grow successful members must listen to th

e leader if you have people who listen to you, your guild will grow a lot faster.

What the leader should be doing to grow the guild.

There are many types of leaders out there, you have the ones who don't want to ally and play aggressive, there are those who have allies and have a bit of diplomacy both are effective strategies depending on how big your guild is and what your members want to do if you are a new guild and are just starting out it is best to stay safe have allies and use diplomacy to be able to gain bigger allies.

The leader of the guild and those with the highest might of the guild are the main targets for the enemy, the leader needs to constantly remind members to keep their troops safe but fake rallying, sheltering, reinforcing a member who has a long shield or just shielding your self if you have them. It doesn't take that long to shelter and hide your troops so every member should have time to do it if they are active. Resources are also a target for many high tier players as they need it to do expensive research or train higher tier troops. If your guild doesn't have a guild bank it is best to send them off to anyone who needs them and will use them instantly so that members aren't a target. (only hold what you vault can protect) 

The leader is also responsible for creating allies guild merges and recruiting (Have R4's to do some of this for you.) 

As the leader R4's should  be chosen due to them being active helpful reliable and trustworthy 

Everyone has to start somewhere hopefully this guide helped those who want to start a guild, the main things the leader needs to do is to remind everyone to shelter and keep low resources. 

If you have any questions feel free to Message me on here :)