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[Guild] Be part of a ruling guild? 11.5b guild recruiting (K:10 CCB Credit Card Bills)

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Greetings players, CCB is looking for new members who are interested in joining a strong, mature, multi-cultural friendly guild.
About us:
Here at CCB we light to fight, we believe that servers without healthy competition are boring. If you are looking for a server where everyone is an ally or NAP than CCK and K:10 are not for you. If you want a fun server where there are a few relatively equivalent guilds fighting for control than I would like to be the first to welcome you to your new home! Check out the information below and please message me if you would like more information.
-      Home K:10
-      Guild Might ~11.5b (This fluctuates as players jump between our sub guilds for double rally purposes)
-      Gift Level 31
-      Top 10 CC players avg might ~371,500,000
-      Nationality (Multicultural, players all around the globe)
-      Language (Primary spoken language in guild chat is English)
-      Gender (~90/10 male/female, we appreciate our female players and do not tolerate disrespect.)
-      Age     (We are a mature guild with the majority of our players 30+ years old.
-      Rally Leaders (We have several rally leaders with rage/legendary armor sets. Including some with Champ gear) *Our gear sets are on par or slightly better than most rally leaders from the guilds we are at war with.)
Recruit Requirements:
You must:
-      Enjoy joining rallies. Winning battles requires losing some troops…
-      Participate in 75% of WOW events. (We understand that due to timing of events 100% participation is not reasonable. We all have lives outside of Lords.
-      P2P player. (Lets face it this is a p2p game where f2p players are farmed and p2p players thrive and grow.) Excessive spending is not required but regular spending is.
-      Must be a mature player. We don’t tolerate whining, tantrums, or drama.
-      NO DRAMA
-      Must have a desire to win!
Server info:
-      K:10
-      Top 3 guilds have an average might of ~11.5b
-      Top 10 guilds range from 4.6b – 12.6b. (The top guild is not very active)
-      We don’t make the game about nationality but it is worth mentioning that the other top guilds we are currently at war with are Korean. (Again not about nationality we will gladly welcome Korean players into CCB)
Scroll Requirements
-      Rank 1      is 700m might
-      Rank 5      is 550m might
-      Rank 10    is 506m might
-      Rank 15    is 412m might
-      Rank 20    is 382m might
-      Rank 50    is 253m might
-      Rank 75    is 210m might
-      Rank 100  is 180m might
Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.


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Who is ready for kvk?