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[Guild] We Go Commando (WGC) K72

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Good Day Reader,

WGC (K72) is currently opening up our recruitment to all active fighters only. We're actively seeking out players who are at the 50m might range with at least 10m kills. As we believe in helping each other out during any fight, unfortunately players with low kill count will not be considered (Might:Kills ratio should be at least a minimum of 10%). Anyone who fall below the 50m range but have a very high kill count may be considered during the recruitment period.

Background of our guild -

With 5 of our players getting to their T4 soon (currently at army research 10). Our focus have shifted from solo/small scale fights into larger scale battles such as Wonder Wars/KvK's

As 80% of the guild are p2p players (20 players, the rest are subs), we hand pick our players as we strongly believe in a small cohesive guild rather than having a large guild with 80% leechers. Rest assured that nobody will be left out. So even if you did a misplay and got your leader captured, we will go all out to save it within our means.

Currently residing in K72, we do not practice having allies/naps. This rule is enabled so that everyone is free to attack anyone (even tile hitting) at the discretion of you getting zeroed. We're a very active bunch of international players with most of us having migrated from Clash of Kings, so we know what we're suppose to do. We do not have any hive as we feel that it isn't necessary which is the best for the guild.

Criteria Specifics -

While we do not expect you to be a 100% p2p player as we know that this game isn't cheap. But there is also a minimum spend which we expect when the time comes. Spending such as troop reinforcements (being able to reinforce and rally so you're expected to gem your infirmary), relocators (please dont save on relocators...), sending rss if you cant join the fight (this is a minimum).

Min. 50m Might with at least 10m kills (High kill count players can be considered)

Not afraid of losing troops

Actively fighting (this is needed to gain fight experience)

Skype/Discord/Whatsapp is mandatory

Guild Benefits -

As most of us are seasoned fighters, we share experience on how to fight well. From trappers to wall breakers, we have an assortment of builds to share. Knowledge is power in our guild.

Guild gift level 21 (only 20 players, the rest are subs) so yeah, we don't have leechers in our guild.

Teamwork - Although we're small and scattered throughout the map, we reinforce each other at ANY given situation even if that rallier is a T4 player (Trust me, we can tank it down). Absolutely no exceptions on this! If you're online, you reinforce with troops!

While it is 100% your fault that your leader got captured, please do not come begging to get help from the guild. You SHOULD have sheltered or shielded before you went to sleep. Having said that, if you accidentally got your leader captured during a fight (we understand that there might be some misplays or accidentally hitting a trap account). The guild will not hesitate to get your leader back as it's a priority to us.

International - Being international means being active at any given period. What this means is that there is not 1 time that we're not active. We will always be there.

You help me, I help you. That's the Core motto of the guild. We an active FIGHTING guild so no more whining about people who are not contributing or leechers who just stay in their hive all day without contributing to anything.

Please pm me IGN: Red Coffin at Kingdom 72 if you want to know more.

Thanks for reading,
Red Coffin

P.S - I will not entertain messages for guild merger or alliance.

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We migrated to K10........doing open recruitment now till a certain number before imposing guideline

If you are active and wishes to join a fast growing guild, msg the R4 in game.....before guideline are impose

*Must migrate to K10