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[Guild] Join a fun family | C-B

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Posted on 2020-08-11 08:26:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

Who is C-B and what can you expect?

We are a family, our players join Line calls when events are happening, this is not a must but it’s fun and has a great atmosphere to it. The players know each other and a lot of them also play other games together outside of Lords Mobile. We are there for each other and help each other out. 

  1. Are you getting rallied? We will call you as many times as needed while having full reinforcements. 
  2. Are you performing really well in GF? Our top 10 participants get rewards in gems and the most improved player also gets a gem reward.
  3. Are you more of a monster hunter, there is in guild hunt events which also bring rewards with them.


We have a daily Monster hunt amount of 3x lvl 2 or 1 time lvl 3, This is a very achievable amount of monster hunt kills per day. Screenshot of these kills must be submitted in the Line monster hunt chat and will be checked once a week. This means you either have to kill 21 lvl 2s or 7 lvl 3s a week.

We rally often and participate in every wow (Base war), We expect people to participate in some kind of war activity, This can be done by joining during war rallies or joining during wow. In some kind of way. Activity is expected.

The Line application is a must.
Failing to follow these will result in a kick.

We are looking for:

  1. Active players. We participate in war events daily, We fight for fort-wars, KVK, dragon arena and daily war rallies and solo’s. This requires an amount of activity and growth in our guild and players.
  2. We are looking for strong rally leads that know how to play the game and are ready to hold forts.
  3. We are looking for people that know how to play the game. People who are serious about events and capable of participating in the events like: Guilfest, Dragon arena, KVK, Fort wars and Monster Hunt. We prioritize these events.. Troops are meant to be used. And completing events benefit everyone inside of the guild.

We are a fun guild, and passionate about the game. We respect each other and our opponents. 

Our recruitment criteria are: 200mil might, 10% Kills, Active in events and war. T4 unlocked and capable of meeting our criteria.

For recruitment contact: HellzBlaze, GodzBlaze, DanPhoenix, l  albedo  l, Stocksy.

Our rally leads have wonder research and t5 familiars, we also have blackwing and people growing real fast into rally leaders. (keep in mind we are a 27b guild, our definition of a rally lead is different from those in huge/titan guilds)