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[Guild] Stalkers and hackers in the game that stalk for life!

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Posted on 2020-07-27 03:07:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Disclaimer: This rant isn't targeted towards honest and good people, it is targeted toward stalkers and hackers. PDF info about them have been approved by Cybercrime Unit of my country to warn people.

Some stalkers and hackers have been stalking and hacking for years, it seems their life is so pathetic and lame lol.

They install Stalkerware on my computer, mobile phone and TV box. They slow down my computer and connection, they are scared to 1 v 1 me in any game.

They universal cowards and pathetic losers. In Lords Mobile, they slow down my device and connection, they send a 400 Million Might against my 60 Million Might. The 400M T4 get owned LMAO, so they make the developers to send script on my account to prevent me from attacking them.
In League of Legends, they come as a group of 3 to 5 players premade and me with random players, at least 1 or 2 of them get owned lol. I win 90% of the games, the 10% is when I get a team of noobs. They slowed down my computer and internet, and are scared to duel me 1 on 1 hahaha!

In Lords Mobile, I solo defend the loser guilds after 2nd week playing the game, I had over 2 millions kills from active and stronger players. I war command their shit guild to push 80M to 600M players with our strongest player being 30M might, not only push them but destroyed their guild. These losers will never ever be able to do that in their life even after 30 years ROFL!

They hacked my devices thinking I will show them, they are sleazy elephants on my devices, I know when someone is on my device. They think they are ghosts and spies LMAO! They are huge asinines!

When I am trying a champion in League Of Legends and not competing for guild fest in Lords Mobile, they think they beat me LMAO. Normally someone inform the other person that they want to compete against them before doing a competition or duel.
Kids, animals and even insects inform the opponent they want to face them. These losers are worst than insect, I never seen people so pathetic LMAO!

They pretend to be girls on Second Life for me to have sex with them, they think they had fooled me hahaha! I had to hold from telling them how pathetic they are!  They tried to pretend to be girls from my country to talk to me on dating apps, they don't even know how to talk in local language here LMAO!
They are so dumb and don't even know how to talk or make any sense. They can't talk with me since they get owned easy lol!. So they talk shit between themselves and validate each other, that is so hilarious!

They would stalk my TV even if I put gay videos and do other things, they would watch it a whole day LMAO!

These simpletons can't even talk or argue, they hide, stalk, call themselves stupid names, mess with your files and try slow down your devices or other deceitful crap like that. They call themselves generals, kings, warriors, gods and other brave names!  Have you seen any kings, war leaders or warriors name themselves stupid names, hide like huge cowards and stalk their enemy for years and everyday?  
Never seen such retards that have no common sense like them. Even telling them that, they continue. They have no self-esteem, dungs worth more than them lol!
They are Titan of Wussies, have you seen cowards and lame people like that LMAO?

They hack people devices, mess with their files and accounts thinking they are good ROFL!  They are professional fags and cuckolds, never a warrior, king, god or war commander lol!

Some people told me even their grandparents and little cousins laughed at these losers when they told them LMAO!

PDF link:

Posted on 2020-07-30 22:25:05 | Show thread starter's posts only


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