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[Guild] The guild /G/ alias GHOST GORILLAS recruits on the 545

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Posted on 2019-07-11 10:14:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone !

GHOST GORILLAS ( /G/ ) welcomes you with open arms in the kingdom 545 (Hrastek),

to play in joy and good mood.

If you are active and voluntary, we will be delighted to join you in our ranks.

Summary :

Guild Power: 245,000,000
Number of players: 18
Bank: yes
Server: Discord

Recruitment conditions:

1 - Power 700k minimum

2 - Address a message to R5 (YBOON) or to R4 (TomiNagasaky) or defaults R4 (peroli), myself (connected 3 times a day)

3 - Be active, french-speaking or english-speaking

4 - Have 1 redistributor and join the hive as soon as you integrate

5 - Connect at least 2 times a day to protect your leader and your troops

Rules of the guild:

1 - Join the hive (positions given by the R4)

2 - Be active - connect at least 1x a day and talk on the chat.
A minimum "hello" is required

3 - Know how to protect your leader, your troops and your resources

4 - Integrate and respect the rules and the guild chain of command

5 - Participate in the life of the guild and events

6 - No insults will be tolerated, under penalty of demotion or expulsion

7 - install discord app's and join the server /G/ (not required, but strongly recommended)

8 - Diplomatic messages and guild messages reserved for R3/4/5

9 - Inactivity sanctioned: 1 days = warning, 3 days = demotion, 7 days = expulsion

Good game everyone!