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[Guild] k287 kOW recruitment new family members.

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Posted on 2019-04-13 19:54:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

we are all language.

we r in the k287 server. must be come our server.

we are seeking for power mighty is not important just seeking for a new active players.
and we just accept first account , not a second character.

if you wanna apply with second account? please every account can kill monster minium 1lev 8
and GF make on the point if not second account wii kick out.

we are most members are korean but we can respect each other.
we already had a some of foreign country's friend.
france , arabia , brasil , canada , indonesia etc...

anyway we ( kOW ) r Hunting Monster Guild
every day worst box upper than 400-600 ( below include lev1-lev3 )

our rule is so simple

#1 research hunting monster
mightbe one month one time we need using "band" or "wegamer" your monster hunt research screenshot
or send me a usiong e-mail is end.

#2 please can you do best try "GF"? now our point is 1000-1200
if you continue doesn't make point wii kick out

#3 inactive one day wii can kick out you , if you have a any reason please send R5 game mail.

#4 finally please listen to guild leader's speak 

apply and send msg R4 :: RumiO or R5