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[Guild] 70m I am looking for a good guild to join

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Posted on 2018-11-30 19:48:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

  • Leave the details of the guild here, I will contact you in game.

    Now here is what I am looking for, below you will find what I can bring to your guild.
    • Your guild needs to have a box score of more than 1000 gifts every day
    • Looking for a guild that ranks great in almost if not all events.
    • minimum expert braguet in guild fest.
    • 90 members minimum. With 10 alts maximum.
    • Medium aggressive guild, thats runs solo attacks and war rallies. Should Not be the main focus, but no farmers please. Being bubble is no problem at all, as long as the shield drops in critical situations, when possible.
    • Minimum 15 members with more than 500k T4s troops
    • 7 billions might minimum
    • You should have some allies, ideally stronger or equal to you.
    • The guild should have a bank and it needs to be easy to get my ressources back.
    • No LINE app, but wegamer is fine, im pretty active there.
    • No dead kingdome.
    • English speaking guild

    I am a f2p solo trap with 70mm, but its not what defines me the most.
    1) I know how to play all the aspects of the games, I can score top 20 in your guild in all events, some events i’ll score first even. And I do rank individually in some events. Here are my average points in some, sometime I score more, sometime less. Lords Cups score 120 000 points, GF score 1400 on 10 attempts. Kvk score 5 million points, with 0 wonder control. Cant remember my score in guild bash, but it was decent, I can win DN4s of 3 million troops  with a mini battle Hall and about 1 million T3 troops total, not in war talents.
    2) I can hunt monsters pretty good, even though my MH gear is pretty bad. 10 to 30 monsters kills everyday depending on the monsters out at the time.
    3) I got 3 migrations scrolls, but will likely only need one since well im a trap and i'm hiding my might.
    4) I’m very active, will log in every 6 hours usually, unless im sleeping of course, If i’m out for a bit, I will communicate the info to command and do what is necessary to stay safe.
    5) I can take orders and follow rules, I managed guilds before, grew them to be some of the best eventers guild in the kingdoms, but right now I need to focus on my game play, not the one of 99 other members.

    6) I’m fun to be around, I like to talk and help out other teammates.

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Posted on 2018-12-01 13:43:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

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