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[Guild] [K158] [RhS] Royal hunting Squad 18b MONSTER HUNT WAR GUILD

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Who are we:
We are the Royal hunting Squad [RhS] located in kingdom 158, a 18b guild as of this moment, a full blown war guild fueled by hunting, a group of high achievers, a nightmare for our enemies and much more.

Reasons to consider joining our ranks:
We are a motivated and drama free crowd, squeezing everything free out of the game at max capacity, always striving to achieve more. You can count on support from other members at any moment, we do things as a family always united! Loads and loads of free stuff from gifts, in general you can expect 5k+ gems, 3d+ speedups, 3d+ research speedups and tons of rss + other freebies every day, best part is that usually you get a lot more! Weekly guild hunting events, regular war rallies & even double or triple rallies carried out with the help of our family or friendly guilds! Healthy competition within the kingdom.

    1. 200m might & T4 unlocked.
    2. Active! Those gifts and rallies are not filling up by themselves, so we expect everyone to carry their own weight.
        3.1 4 blue hunting gear pieces
        3.2 Lvl4 hunt unlocked
        3.3 Be able to one hit lvl1 monsters except hardrox and bon
        3.4 Daily 20 lvl1 or 6 lvl2 kills
    4. Drama free! Causing drama in guild will quickly get you removed.
    5. Participation in guild events.
        5.1 1250 points in Expert guild fest gauntlet.
        5.2 Kvk solo 3 mandatory
        5.3 Participation in all other guild related events is mandatory
    6. Respect your guild mates, needless to say that mutual respect is mandatory, constructive criticism is welcome tho.
    7. Line messaging app

What we don't want:
    1. Any form of drama
    2. Dead might
    3. Leeches
    4. Refusal to cooperate
    5. Negative attitude towards our own and family guild members

No drama, 200m + t4, lots of gifts, be active!

Send your applications or contact [RhS] DrTyOiLmOnEy in game

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up we go! bump

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