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[Guild] [LFG] k369 6.2bn Guild [W1U] Recruiting

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Posted on 2018-10-08 15:35:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

We are [W1U] W1LL Zer0 U of kingdom 369, and we are recruiting! We are a close knit group of players who are looking to expand our guild and grow together. We are currently recruiting applicants of 120m+ might, and have t4. We are a primarily English speaking guild. We are a family guild of our kingdoms ruling guild, and we are looking to start holding our own forts with more t4 members, and will require participation in at least one of every 3 WoW.

If you are an active player(s) looking for a new home, we could be the right fit for you. We require GF and guild event participation, and are going to be making monster hunting mandatory. We currently get around 300-500 gifts per day(depending on the monsters), and are gift level 21, and rapidly climbing. We are also in the Expert Gauntlet, and achieve gift tier 24! We require all members to complete all attempts with at least 120pt quests(1200pts in Expert Gauntlet). We also do 'fun' guild activities like Game night, and guild competitions to get everyone involved, and have a very active chat.

If we sound like a guild you would be interested in, please reach out to myself ( W1U Q ) or any of our R4's, post on this topic, or message me on reddit. We look forward to hearing from you!