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[Guild] Allied Guilds

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Posted on 2016-06-01 16:53:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

There needs to be a better system for allied guilds. Many guild have spun off sister guilds or are working together with with other guilds. Can a system be developed to identify allied guilds, one that allows for sharing  resources and  or rallies.  The level of cooperation can be set by the guild leadership.

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Posted on 2016-06-01 21:30:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

Good idea, but if you can do everything with your allies that you can your guild, then why not just increase how many members can be in your guild? Perhaps let allies show up as a different more friendly color than orange and allow allies to reinforce each other, and maybe implement an Enemy system where marked guilds show in Red colors.

Posted on 2016-06-02 01:40:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree, allied guilds shoul be able to help each other

Posted on 2016-06-10 16:18:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

And you can add and remove the allies,
+ for this

Posted on 2016-06-12 15:56:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

Many other games have color-coded player markings on the map for Allies, NAPs, and enemies. Would love to see IGG implement this as well.

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Posted on 2016-06-14 02:29:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

+1, having better in-game diplomacy is a must for a game like this

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