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[Guild] C|G K323 for GF ; read thread!

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Posted on 2018-07-05 23:14:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello; we're C|G in K323, 2 month old guild, 28 gift level & 4B might.
We get anywhere from 500-1,200 gifts a day.
I'm looking to fill our remaining 9 slots for the upcoming guildfest on 7/9;
so obviously you will probably not be able to be in our kingdom due to it being protected; I would recommend starting a 10 day research & getting your helps; then swapping to our guild for guildfest.
We are in the maxed tier, 24 rewards, and are requiring 1100 points MINIMUM.
We have taken 1st place in every guildfest we've participated in so far;
If you do choose to join us for guildfest, you may decide to stay with us, as the kingdom opens in under 3 weeks.
Please; I get 100 mails over night; so that I can prioritize and read your mail; ingame mail me @ Koalafyed ; and label it "FORUM POST".
While you're staying in our guild, we do require 8 lv1 monster kills daily ; and 1100 points in guildfest. Obviously, might doesnt matter much; but I would prefer players over 70M.