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[Guild] -V- 70 B Guild Recruting

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Posted on 2018-07-02 17:17:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

If anyone has interest in joining -V- please contact me in-game RoyaLKalkesh or on Line (LindeID: kalkesh666)

We got 3 Champ rally Leaders with 11k Heroes. Our Guild has a Total Might of 70Billion might with only 78 Members.

Guild rules will be given in detail in a private interview.

As a short conclusion: 1350 Gf Points, Kvk min 25m Points, Weekly Kill count of 10 lvl 3 Monster for the guild with proof to Line or Wechat, Monthly Min of paying is 150$ to remove leecher. 

We consist of members from all over the world. May you find a good Friend with the same Language as you for the kvk. 

We also provide a Discord channel where you can talk to your friends or for kvk groups.

One side-note, we won Guildfest 20 times in a row.

We are ranked in the top 3 guilds of kvk for the last 6 kvk´s.