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[Guild] [K:215 and 358][COW]Faith Filled Farmers recruiting

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Posted on 2018-07-01 19:45:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

We are in our 3rd week as a new guild and have 55 active players in 2 kingdoms.  Seasoned players started this guild in 215, wanting to get away from elitism and drama, and we setup a second hive in the newer 358 kingdom hoping to help find new active players that aren't complacent in bad habits, or hardly play anymore.  We are happy to take new players or players interested in moving into either of our kingdoms.  
We have zero tolerance for drama, we are happy to discuss opposing views, but spinning drama or disrespecting the team is inexcusable.  We are ok with players that need a day off on occasion, there is a real world outside of this game, we require notice of more than a couple days away.  If you protect your stuff and don't draw attacks on the team, we are happy to have you, and we promote based oh how you support the team, not might.  An active 1mil might team player is more valuable to a team environment than a 50 mil might player who only thinks of themselves.