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[Guild] K202 Blood Mafia Come join us!

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Posted on 2018-05-29 21:05:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello and Welcome!

to our recruitment page for

   ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ†Blood Mafia†-═══════ι▬▬

Blood Mafia is currently recruiting!

Who are we recruiting you may ask?

Anyone who's blood thirsty and ready to grow an army and kill!

Here is a little about us:

We are a very close group of people and we are all working towards the same goal. The growth, welfare and sustainability of The Blood Mafia Family and more importantly installing our Blood Mafia family values, honor and respect. We are always in contact in and out of  the game so we know what's going on and who is doing what. We vote on things here, discuss plans, players, tactics and just generally check on each other and make sure we are doing okay in our personal lives too. We are a FAMILY. We value LOYALTY and RESPECT.

We have two guilds: 

B_M current recruitment target is 150M and up
b_m current recruitment target is 60M and up.

Things we do NOT want:
-Racist players
-Troop Hoarders (Use em if you have them)
-Solo Players (We work as a team everyone is in this together)
-Repeated event failures

Things we do WANT:
-Friendly players
-Team players
-We also want growers. Evolve adapt and change along with your fellow guild mates.

Thank you for showing interested. 

Please give me a message on Lords or Line:Crocod00m. 

“Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”
▬▬ι═══════ﺤ†Blood Mafia†-═══════ι▬▬


Happy Hunting!