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[Guild] [K208] [T7L]The 7th Legion // Recruitment? Maybe your future subguild?

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Posted on 2018-05-14 05:30:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

T7L is in transition and looking for new members. We have a bunch of members leaving now because they will follow their leader they had before they merged with us and we will have a lot of space!

We had a merging a few months ago, did not work out the way we wanted, technically it was allright, but merging with a whole guild can be risky... So together with my solid and loyal crew we decided to start things over new. We also dicided to switch from just german players to any player that speaks either german or english.

What you have to offer us:
- be active! you love to fight, you love to chat? Damn you will fit in perfect!
- use Line! Line is a app we use to communicate and it is really important, that you use it regularly
- enjoy events! We take them serious enough to say we want everyone to participate. if not: sayonara...
- if you can read this without a translator, you will fit in just fine ;)

What we can offer you:
- A Bank with wide openingtimes
- A strict leadership that will not take any bullshit 
- A guild that helps eachother
- The possibility to help shape the guild to something better than it already is
- let's face it, you get me as a R5 and what else could be better? ;) jk (but for real though!)

We are a sweet guild that does not take everything too serious, especially not themselves and loves a good laugh or even two! We just want to have fun and not have any drama going on, like seriously, we are playing a game!
We are also looking for a new kingdom and there is a possibilty that we could be interessted in becomint a daughterguild of a big guild...

If you are interessted, just message me in Line, my LineID is msperfect93 (yes, I am a little miss perfect and I will proove it if you stick to us for a while).

Looking forward to applications! We don't bite (well, I do, but only if required)

Die einzig Wahre Prinzessin!

Line: msperfect93
Posted on 2018-05-15 14:35:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just pushin' my post back to the top ;)

Die einzig Wahre Prinzessin!

Line: msperfect93