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[Media] Road to T4 (Unlocking T4 troops)

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Awhile ago I just started my construction for my Academy level 25. I’d been playing this game (Lords Mobile) for more than 1 year and I still don’t have any T4 troops. But now I’m on my way there by starting this Academy level 25 construction. It took a lot of patience, time and resources just to start my construction of my Academy to level 25 and I will still need those in unlocking my first T4 troops. Yes it still a long way to go but once you reached Academy level 25 it means, your almost there. I am not a free to play player and I think it’s safe to say that if you are a free to play player it will take years for you to unlock T4. I’m not saying it’s impossible for free to play players to unlock T4 but it will definitely takes a lot of time and patience to achieved that but please don’t be disheartened and just keep pushing. It may take years but through hard work and perseverance we will all have our first precious sweet T4. Please tap the link below to watch my video about my journey to unlocking T4.  And please subscribe as well. Thanks  =)

Road to T4 (unlocking T4 Troops) 



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Nope it's new. You can refer to this link instead.