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In fair Yiguleron , where our story begins, resides young Bea on her quest to figure out this new world she stumbled upon. It hadn't meant to BE anything, but since she was here, she was going to make the best of it. 

She went guildless for a grand total of 3 days, before the scourge of the kingdom threatened to demolish any progress she had made. So on a whim, she browsed the world chat and selected among the many advertisements, one that caught her eye. A guild named KrYpTiC. 

Such was a grave error, but she didn't know of that just yet. 

For now, she was optimistic about her choice. The guild members seemed nice enough, not very knowledgeable, however. But since she was blissfully ignorant herself, she didn't know the difference. Within this guild, she came to make good friends. She rose through the ranks swiftly, establishing herself as part of leadership within a week. It was not due to lack of options, as some might think. No, she worked hard at it, developing relationships with her guildmates and reaching out to neighboring guilds. 

Tragedy struck then. 

Kryptic was attacked and almost burned to the ground. The members fled to a new land, and sought to make it home. But upon arriving, a mistake was made. Her leader decided to attack nearby guildless castles, strong arming them into joining. Despite her disapproval, these victims joined. They grew, though, like a tumor in the heart of a beast. Accepting help, advice, friendship, they lulled the guild into a false sense of security. 

It was without warning that one of these members betrayed the guild. He fled to a larger guild and had their leadership attack Kryptic brutally. Allies came to aid, but it was fruitless.  Kryptic fled once more. 

In this new home, peace came. The guild grew, and everyone benefited from this era of prosperity. Bea was made an R4, and was so proud of how far she had come. Her guildmates were quickly becoming dear friends, comrades to share in many happinesses. And there were indeed many happy times. For they weren't just guildmates, this wasn't just a game. They were people, all bonded together through trials and tribulations, through love and laughter. 

Then the unthinkable happened.

Their leader abandoned them.

With no explanation and little warning, the guild was left to flounder for a new leader amidst attacks from their ex-leader's new guild. 

The betrayal cut deep for Bea, who had put faith in her friend. Misplaced it was, she found out. Her guild quickly elected her the new leader and they defended themselves against an assortment of attacks.

Bea held her fellow R4s as close as any king does his head counsel. Together, they crafted an intricate web of allies, both small and large. The guild flourished under their leadership.

It plagued Bea endlessly as to why her ex-leader betrayed them so harshly, and whether vengeance was even worth it. But soon enough, she had bigger things to trouble her mind. As leader, much pressure was placed on her to defend her small guild. Most members weren't strong enough to fend off an attack, and she alone could not keep pillagers away forever. 

A decision had to be made.

It was with one particularly difficult attack by one of the largest guilds in the kingdom that she made up her mind; she would merge her guild with another. She had held off this whole time, you see. Her pride wouldn't allow her to cower from adversity, so she faced it head on, despite not being mighty enough to succeed. But she loved her members, and did not want them to get lost along the way. She had grown alongside these people, and to abandon them went against her nature. She wanted to do what was best for all of them. She would NOT be like her predecessor. 

And so Kryptic was no more. But she was glad for it, in a way. 

Her new guild--her new FAMILY--is more wonderful than she ever could've imagined. Her new guildmates are now as dear to her as her old ones. 

'This is a war game,' She's been told time and time again, even to this day. But wars or games don't mean she has to behave like them. She's achieved her goals by doing things her way and always moving forward. She has friends, she has power, she has fun. 

And so we've come to the part where the story ends. But like the best stories, the message continues on past the pages. And it is in these parts, these twirling words, that Bea now resides. 

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Everything started back in K77 with DOS, DOS was a fun guild but we got burned and farmed a lot and then after being burned so many times, Our former leader Hacky1 was tired of it and so he transferred our guild into a guild called OMS but after a while of living in harmony, OMS went comando and transformed into a fighting guild instead of a family one and so DOS had to move into another guild called SHP and so we lived there for a long time but then I got tired of it and sent a guild msg. I said, I am going back to K77 because I know that's my true home and who is coming with me? Then I was kicked out for trying to take people out of there guild and then some of the R4s from the old DOS came back and started a new guild called D0S and made me a R4 and now I am still a R4 with my friends at D0S but sadly my former leader left the game and so we have a new leader. Now we are in K1 and we have made a home for our selves!

Hey Guys!
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I joined right when our Guild was restructured. I did what I could but also enjoyed the game to stay active daily. Our guild leader decided to make the guild as a military operation, which I and a bunch of others did not agree with. Thankfully, a sister guild was forming and they were asking for help in building the new guild: I went over with open arms. The new guild was like family, from day one. We always had something to laugh about or fight. The "big cheese" guild needed the four guilds to break apart because we were ruling too much. The best ten players of the four guilds went to the Mightiest guild. The second best ten players of the four guilds went to the second Mightiest guild. The fourth guild was ordered to disband. And the guild I was an R4 in was wanted to continue onward but go as a different name. I was offered to join the Mightiest guild but the guild I was a huge part of needed a leader: I was nominated and we renamed it Valravn. Look up the definition and you'll find it has some history that nobody has heard of before: Valravn: half-wolf and half-raven creatures who eat the bodies of the dead on the battlefield: I thought it was appropriate for this game and was majority voted to be our new name. It's also the name of my favorite rollercoaster at Cedar Point: the local amusement park. Some great moments of us would have to be when we took in a few fugitives from other guilds: two guys came over to us, running from their current guild; they quickly demanded their R3 positions so I told my R4s to give it to them. Then they started scouting their former guilds and setting up a rally against them. I ordered them to back down from what they were doing but they wouldn't listen so I ordered my R4s to kick them from our guild and setup two 5-minute rallies against them. The one dude relocated so we just rallied against the other dude; he was screaming: I'm not afraid and am prepared to die. And at the last moment he shielded. Just as that event ended, another fugitive ran to us from their former guild. We found it quite amusing and named the night: fugitive night. As the R4s were interviewing him, the fugitive's guild leader was messaging me; we were laughing about the situation and he told me to kick him from our guild and he would deal with that guy. So, I gave the order: R4s, kick the fugitive from the guild and do not touch him; his guild leader will deal with him. The fugitive was kicked and then immediately, his entire former guild started attacking him. Pretty comical and because of the awesome organization of our guild that night, I felt like I was Captain Picard so my in-guild name became CaptPicard. As time went on, our doctor (he's a doctor in real life) renamed his in-guild name to be Bones. Our research and nerdy guy reminded us of Lieutenant Commander Data so he is known as LCDR. Needless to say, we're having fun. Recently, I was contacted by an R4 from a huge Guild that was looking to Migrate to our Kingdom: he saw the name Valravn and knew the guild leader must've been from northern Ohio because of the famous Valravn rollercoaster: to make a long story short, they are a great ally and we plan to meet in person and ride the Valravn in celebration of friendship. If you're looking to have a good time, stop by and lead a few rallies against Darknests with us. Duty calls.....

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My story isn't really of the beginning of the guild.  It's the story of our beginning with the guild. That may sound a little strange until you understand that we stole the guild. As many guild do our guild was part of a family of guilds. In our case there were 3. The former leader of our guild left our new f5 in charge and moved to the guild in the family that had more power. He then proceeded to constantly pull higher might players from our guild up to his new super guild, demand that we raise the gift level at an unreasonable pace, refused to help when our hive was being hit by others (remember he took the high might players) and he'd also have screaming fits in which he'd post threats on our dip board for minor offenses such as honest mistakes in the editing of the public guild info. Some of the r4s and the current r5 started talking about how much we hated it. Nearly simultaneously we were approached by a player who had an alt in the guild but a much more powerful player in a much more powerful guild as his main. He also had a different alt with a different struggling guild in a different kingdom. He pledged support and asked if we'd split off and join the guild in the other kingdom. We agreed but rather than just leaving and starting over we decided to keep our guild and the gift level we worked for. More importantly, it made the old r5 (the abusive one) very upset. We are just about to leave our kingdom and join our new friends and that old r5 has vowed to hunt us through every kingdom until the end of time. I'm glad we've given him purpose.