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Guilds are the backbone of Lords Mobile, they are a huge part of the game and a place to make friendships, both ingame and in real life. Basically, Guilds become your second family.

We would love to hear about the origins and development of your Guild. Whether you are a Guild Leader or an ordinary member, we want to hear from you. For example, you can let us know how and why you joined your Guild, what’s your favorite part of being in a Guild, do you have any special memories etc….basically we want to hear any stories you may have! 

Share your story with us and if your entry is one of our favorites, you could win a 1X 24-Hour Speed Up + 1X 8-Hour Speed Up.


  1. Leave your answer as a comment below. Don’t forget to include your IGG ID.
  2. Provide as much information as you can. Entries that are only a couple of sentences in length will not be considered.
  3. Our favorite posts will be chosen as winners
  4. This event will end on the 26th of July at 23.59 EST (GMT -5). Prizes will be delivered within 3 working days after the event has ended.
  5. Selected posts could be shared on other Lords Mobile Social Media Pages such as Facebook.
  6. IGG and the Lords Mobile Team reserves the right to final interpretation for this event, its rules, its rewards and use of all submission.  

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I would like to greet u a pleasant day.. first when i was a newbie and a new player of this gsme, i have no guild and i am playing alone. One day some one invited me to join guild and i joined them.. thats the time i learned how to cooperate and i build up freindship with my guildmates and playing along with them... thank you

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I'm one of the founders/leader of BRN. Me and multiple of the guys in the guild originally came from G~W from K87 when it first started, but like when ya think all things our good. Our guild leader at that disbanned G~W for good and the rest of us made a new guild called AoG. we were small even though we weren't used to not being able to fight in wow anymore. As the months went by we found ourselves having to move cause the chinese guilds kept burning us all for no reason. Well here we come k96. K96 ended up being no better at all but before moving we ended up merging with amother guild and created a 2nd sister guild. We got to k101 and everything has been good so far and several members have made it to the top of the guild by making t4 and we've been fighting off all attackers. Even ones stronger.

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My current guild started off over a year ago as two sister guilds, one was focused on fighting and one focused on leisure fun and monster hunting. Members had to switch in order to fight with each other so a merge was initiated. The combined result is an amazing guild that tries to cover all aspects of the game and have a positive fun attitude while doing it. We maintain our structure by imposing strict, reasonable rules on our members and we have an in depth interview process, in order to protect this atmosphere and activity we have created. Word has spread about our guild and people from different kingdoms want to be apart of this and join. 

We have officers focusing on different aspects of the game and there is a real friendship and bonding that makes people go out of their way to help each other in our guild. We have members from all over the world and we do not tolerate racist or homophobic comments or actions. Since communication is key for us, the requirement is though that you grasp the english language well enough to read and write english in order to make yourself understood. 

I'm currently the leader of the guild, but this position gets filled by whoever of the officers has more time to spend on the game at a certain moment. This guild and it's friendships it has created within us and with other guilds is the reason I am still playing this game. ID:334737991

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My guild started out when a player named Snagger created a guild (in kingdom 141) named lords of chaos [l0C] . Over time we were able to gain many allies. When lords of chaos reaced about 80 members, I joined.  After hard work negotiating alliances and advertising, I was able to work my way up to Rank 4.Not long after this, lc2 was created as a sub guild of l0C (which was later renamed lc1) and I was sent to adminesrate..Snagger later handed  ownership to the notorios Hero  ClownAfter some time expanding , lc2 merged with a guild called Fire Lords [F:L], which is now lc2. Currently There is constant tension between lc1 and lc2, and a civil war will be likely, but as of now they are still allied. There are many rebels amongst the ranks of lc2, including myself, and we claim that a revolution is nearly at hand. I personaly have a few allies in case things go south. But untill they advance lc2 is more or less a  partial terrorist group when it comes to the broherhood of Lords Of Chaos. Some lc2 members are plotting to over-throw the leader, Lil Snag , and merge with a guild in the lords at war fammily  to fight allongside the forces of AtB [Attack The Basterdz] during the war for the base, which is currently held by wvw [ChinaBest]. Lc2 has been secretly preparring for an all out offense for a few days now.  Updates will be posted as they come.

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speednups please

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So when I first started I didn’t know how to play or do anything(except what the tutorial taught me). And one of the things I learned from it was a little bit about guilds. So I joined my first guild called qee. It was one of those we accept all let’s learn together guilds. But there were very few active people in it so I was thinking this is a boring game. Then one of the other members who was pretty much thinking the same thing as me asked me and some of the other active member in the guild if they wanted to start a new one where we would all be active. We all agreed so he created it and we joined. It was a good idea because this guild is consisted of active and kind people we always talk and enjoy the game together. I started to enjoy the game more so I started to invest money and time into this game. But all in all if it was not for this man (puckslinger) and our guild (nwo or New Days Sun) I would have quit the game and not have had as much fun as I have on this game.

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Well I started the game a few months ago and I started in k130. My very first gulid was v~k we were little but we owned bright fort. When I reached about 500k might I left the guild and started my own. It was called Dk5 and we became sister gulid to v~k. At first it was difficult to start the guild but a nice person joined and I put him as R4 to help me with everything. 6 weeks later we climbed the ranks and became top 50 with about 74 people in my gulid. 4 more weeks later we became top 10. We were running high and happy. About this time v~k disbanded and most joined us. Then we owned 2 forts. Then one day MPX  destroyed us making us lose millions of might then farmed us for 2 weeks people kept leaving. We went to top 5 to top 10 to top 50. With the 34 people that stayed I tried to keep up the gulid. Then my own co-leader left and started his own gulids more people left. I was left with 15 people. 1 week later we disbanded. Then I was zeroed with 300k might left. I found a nice gulid that took me in. They only had about 17 players. I was new didn’t know anyone and I sat back. Within 3days I hit 1m might and I made friends in the gulid. Everyone was nice and we joked with each other then I was promoted to R4. Now our guild has 45 members and we are in top 50 and these people are amazing I love them we are like family. I’ll never leave them. Now I settle at 4.5m might. R4 status and I plan out the war strategy.

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I am the guild leader and now r4 of Dsf. We have been a guild since a year ago and have grown and have migrated to different servers to help those who need helping and protect those who also.  Our motto is leave no one behind. When we started the guild it was mostly retired and medically discharged military men and woman from all branches of the services, but has grown to include civilians. What makes us stand out is how loyal our original founding members are and how we instill this in our new members who may join us. This game and guild has grown to be more than just that it is a family a brotherhood where we all matter and we look out for each one of us. If your in k99 look us up we always have room for ones who want to be more than what they are.

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Hello, first of all I want to explain the origin of my Username- alphawolvess. Many years ago I was making a username for a game and thought that my favorite animal is a wolf and their leader is the Alpha, so I named myself alphawolves but it turned out that name was taken, so I added an S making it alphawolvess. The game I created my name for was not an IGG game, but I met a friend who is now my friend for over 7 years there. This friend invited me to play Lords Mobile with him so I downloaded Lords Mobile (LM) and joined his guild (he always wants to be the strongest and owner of the most prestigious groups/guilds of games he plays). Not too long later, I became stronger than him and another friend we invited to play the game, a powerful 1million might!

To quicken this story up, I'll speed up a little. I realized me and my friends were much too weak to grow in our little guild, so I saw someone (who is now a real friend thanks to LM) recruiting in global chat in K101 so I joined and had a great time for a couple months. To help keep track of people without identifying them, I will call the man that recruited me in global as M, and another friend I met in this guild as F (again thanks LM). So the guild I was in is called OnE and everyone was becoming powerful, so M left to join the strongest guild in K101 for growth while F stayed a bit to later move kingdoms and grow as well and of course I did as well. I joined a larger guild for about two weeks then left to join azh which was fun for months until I felt things were spiraling downwards. I actually joined azh in accident when I meant to click view profile, I actually pressed request to join and was accepted lol. Anyway, I was in azh for maybe a month or more until I left and joined a powerful guild called KUN and changed to kingdom 31, my current home. I have had a lot of fun in KUN while keeping relations with my new friends M and F on social media. KUN has helped me grow and learn a lot and showed me that guilds are your driving force to survive in this war game and is your best strategy to grow as well.

Not only that but thanks to LM's guilds, I have made new friends other than M and F and have been having a blast growing and chatting together in KUN, where my 'legacy' currently continues.

(Of course some more stuff happened like me getting my butt handed a couple times but we don't talk about that