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Stop ripping us all off

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Looking for a MH GUILD? Join DHR 1pm est everday. LINE ID kingmimz. Prizes given to TOP SLAYERS. Come get your growth on!

James VP

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Cant figure this site out but i thought i might let you know. We all know about the maintenance coming tomorrow but as for the exact time. Is it am or pm is it pst central. You guys should realize how time works being time has been used by clocks forever now. Curious minds want to know lol

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Excellent subject.
I also like to this type of topic

Dillip Kumar Guru
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Thanks 703849800

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Before starting your construction or research, you can do the following to boost or reduce time:
1.Max heroes such as Trickstar, Scarlet bolt and sages of storm. The golden trio. A gold trickstar grants 25% research boost, a gold scarlet bolt grants 25% construction speed and a gold sages of storm grants 25% construction speed. So you need to max them to boost construction and research speed.
2.Gears which grants research and construction boost should be equipped. Such as lunar flute which boosts research speed.
3.Before starting a construction or research, you can consult the over Lord to grant you the engineer or the other vassal title to boost construction and research.
4.Also in the academy, in economy. You can research construction speed to boost construction speed.
5.As you upgrade your academy, you gain more research boost.
Thank you,I hope this was helpful...
IGG ID is 713325259

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How to manage a monster hunting guild .
1. Guild formation  is very necessary for a monster hunt guild ,but first find a better hive location wherin all the necessary rss and monster levels are present .Then advice your guildmates to go to your chosen hive coordinates and arrange their castle single file only  from point 1 to point 100 it is necessary that all that 100 members are active .
2) why the guild formation is single file ? Since that you are a hunting guild  single file is very effective for deffense and monster hunting as well as gathering rss because it covers a large area in the map  that become very easy for all the members to hunt monster together or individually you can find rss and monster in the area where your castle position unlike if your guild is accumulated to one all nearby monster ,Darknest,and rss are easy to get empty by that you need to travel far distance to pickup the
monster in that area so your guiod mobilization become slow it takes time to go and back to hive.
3) how is it effective against enemy attack? Ok since that you have a very long line created  and a large area occupied by your members .enemy attack will become slow beacause they travelled far distance to attack those who didnt open their shield  ane become easy for each guild memvbers to give reinforcement to  each other to defeat the attacker.
4)  you can create your own guild activifies to make your members enjoy the game for example advice your members to get online in the same time at one particular day  for a monster hunting frenzy  wherein all are simultaneously hunting monster, gathering rss hunting DN.by that you will get big amount of guild gifts to be collected, also you can schedule one particular day to hunt level one monster only  all together by doing that it can generate a thousand gift  on that whole day that will benefits all members all type of rss they need. You can add more exitement to your guild that make all members become hyper active exited and energetic because if you  are doing the same thing daily it will become boring specially when you are waiting for your research,training,and upgrades to finish  .. Just think for something new that you can add to make your guildmate exited and happy.

Just feel free to contact me for those who wants to join in our guild
=M= Monster Hunt Academy  k:32 our hi e located in comet fort  just transfer to our hive and join .
Or message me , R4 HX calisi ....