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[Event] Lords Mobile Think Tank

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I think there should be no shield aloud while online n automatically  sheild when off line.

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I think the game needs a word auction house , to sell or buy or trade any items,  resource, speedup, and so on, and it be on the market if other player want it.

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Familiar Guide

I’ve created a chart that shows you what familiar gives what benefits, and which pact you can get them from

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Newbie Guide:

Most Important rule Have Fun and Be Yourself.
2. Don't let the higher might players that are God like strong run you off the game. Remember shelter your troops and leader and always keep your resources low. This way the attacker who burns your castle to it's very foundation, gets a win, and no loss of soldiers or resources.
3. Remember Have fun, enjoy the game and make friends with people across the globe and connect to make communities of awesome guilds!
4. Everyone plays this game at their own pace. Don't feel pressured to buy into packs if you don't want to. 
5. Find a guild first thing. Joining a guild is key to building a strong family unit that hunts monsters together to gain gifts, battle dark nest to gain rewards and showing your kingdom that no matter how many loses we got or times we burned down to the ground, we will not let it affect our attitude and the way we do things. Remember have fun.

George Briggs