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Enjoy the game

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Hello everyone, I'm oran .
I'm cutshort to the point to guide how to choose your battle gear or darknest gear .
There are three types of troops we have that is infantary cavalry and ranged we used the most . Seige are least use unless you throw them to darknest .
I would like to recommend you that first go for the reserch in upgrade army to unlock battliation . Make a three team of ,
1) infantary + range .
2) range + cavalry
3) cavalry + infantary
Now go to the work shop and forge the equipment for the each battliation set .
Choose equipment with highest attack % .
Less attack % will not give you better impact .
If you dont have unlock battliation just approx grouping of the equipment you try to forge .
This tip is useful for all type of army T1, T2 ,T3 ,T4 .
If your cabinet is full you can exand it with cabinet expander costs 1000 gems .
Hunt the monster according to material need .
Level 1 monster is only useful when your guild is growing it's just improve your guild gifetlevels . Hunt monster level 2 to 4 best if you can hunt level 5 .

Most confusing part is choosing as accessories, better choose accessory with mix attack percentage because it gives you more benefit compare to choosing it single attack skills .

Regarding inlaying jwels, first of all fusion of jwel to do some then inlay jwels for the better impact.  Here is an example of mix attack gear I created for kvk.  

For mythic equipment you need to reserch break through . Material is baught form mall .

Hope it guide you well , good game gamers ! Be a pro level !

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War guide/DN tricks.

First off id like to start by pointing out many players, both old and new dont know about what im about to teach you. So much so if you try to teach others they may not even believe its real. But it is, and be it a glitch or a game design flaw i will teach you, how to exploit the range glitch to win both PVP fights and DN rallies. Lets start with Darknests where this method is particularly effective. Small disclaimer. I dont gaurentee you will win the rally, either against the DN or another player, i only gaurentee that the walls will drop instantly without killing a single one of your troops.
To start simply find a darknest you wish to attack. Form your rally and re1uest ONLY range and siege. No Infantry, and no caverlary. Only siege and range. Put on range gear and set ypur line up to a ranged phalenx reqaurdless of the nest has. Tap attack. Now watch what happens. 1 of 2 things occurs as soon as your range deploy reachs the nest walls they will A. Drop instantly to zero or B. All troops from the DN will come out of the wall via the porticullis ina glitchy and mildly amusing animation. Either way end result is the wall zeros out without killing a single troop and drops the morale of the nest 30-50 percent right off the bat. You can solo lvl 2 DN with 200k t3 in this fashion. Id like to take this oppurtunity to once again point out that this by no means gaurentees victory. Once the nest troops pop out if your gear and heros blow you will be crushed. All this does is drop walls instantly. With good gear and heros you can solo nests, without you may as well run normal rallies.
Now lets explore the PVP mechanics of this glitch or game feature. Again i have no way of knowing if its a glitch or an intentional game mechanic only that it works to insta drop walls with no losses. Wall traps become sad jokes. In PVP this mechanic works differnetly rather than iantaly dropping walls it will slowly chip away at the walls health while keeping all ypur troops alive. You can literally send 1 seige engine at a billion might wall with t4 traps and it will come back alive. You will lose, the wall will not drop but your single catapult will survive. Thusly if you send a full deployment of range and seige be it t2, t3, or t4 the walls will drop very fast while killing none of your troops. This is handy because you send a full range deployment of t2 at sombody with a nasty wall, and while you will lose first deployment your second and 3rd attacks wont have to deal with that players wall and can focus on wiping out their troops. Conversely if ypu do NOT send enough seige the enemy wall can end up stalling out your range deployment resulting in a loss for you with zero damage or dead for anyone. Its a very strange battle report to receive but ive gotten it several times. Thats pretty much all there is to the range/wall glitch. A supprisingly large number of people dont realise this exists but it does and it is a usefull tool for dealing with high might walls or walltrap bases.  That pretty much concludes this guide. This tactic is best used in tandem with other deployments. If you only send 1 deploy of range seige at sombody expect to lose. Their walls will drop but thats it is meant to be immidately followed up with mix troop deploys. Phalenx wont make much differnece for this mechwnic but i always use a ranged phalenx anyway.

A few things to remember
1. It works better on low level DN
2. If you send only range at a player with no siege it wont work, if you dont send enough seige it wont work
3. In pvp this is best used to kill walls. Expect to lose what you send, but realize it saves your second and 3rd deploys massively.
4. This is not technically a glitch nor is utilizing it going to risk you being in trouble with IGG. Its just a relatively unknown game mechanic or slight devolper oversight. I could explain why and how it works but this guide would be another 700 words long if i did.
5. This is more a strategic advantage than it is a one shot kill move so to speak. It works best if you have good heros and gear and t4 but is effective with any troop be it t1 or t2 or t3.

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I have an idea... I am in a situation which I am sure a lot of others are in as well. So I have a boat load of 4-8 hour shields that I will not be using and wouldn’t it be great to be able to trade X-Amount for say a =>24hr shields? I think it would be an awesome option to be able to make more specific trades rather then just on the cargo ship trades or even sell back items to be able to get other items for the game that would better serve my specific needs as again I am sure others would agree.

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ATENCIÓN MODERADOR DE IGG... Soy el usuario 538127451, han recibido quejas porque público en el chat golbal y en el muro gremial... Revisen los mensajes de los usuarios que se quejaron... Ellos si violaron el reglamento de IGG, me han faltado el respeto con insultos, yo solo hago uso responsable de las herramientas que tengo a disposición... Este juego fomenta el abuso, el bullying y el desprecio por quienes no gastan el dinero que se necesita para alcanzar un poder respetable, este juego es bélico y debería ser monitoreado por autoridades internacionales dónde se les obligue a respetar tratados de guerra internacional, amnistía, cruz roja, no hay respeto por los más débiles, somos atacados incesantemente, no es una batalla pareja, pero el abuso del juego no solo llega hasta aquí, además de permitir el abuso de los más fuertes contra los más débiles, a los castillos de menor nivel o más débiles si le ponen restricciones de eventos... Siendo un acto de total discriminación... Ya que no hay protección de curación ni tregua de guerra o herramientas de amnistía... No deberían discriminar la participación de los más débiles... deben resolver esto... Ahora no me voy a detener... Y si debo denunciar el juego y a la empresa lo voy hacer... Existen tribunales internacionales... OTAN, ONU, GINEBRA, HAYA,  dónde pienso presentar mi reclamo... Ustedes tienen muchos juegos bélicos y ninguno esta respetando acuerdos internacionales de guerra. En vez de controlar el movimiento del juego, están monitoreado mis mensajes, sin revisar la actividad del resto de los jugadores... Les recuerdo... Si recibió otra amenaza de IGG o me hacen algún tipo de restricción fraudulenta o injusta no voy a para con las demandas y denuncias públicas. Serán un aplicación, serán un juego, serán una tienda de productos... Voy a ir contra todos los perfiles empresariales que tengan... Si no van a intervenir con restricciones de protección... No intervengan con los chats y los posteos... Deben dejar de amenazarme, soy un usuario más, pero no soy pelele al que va a amenazar por el posteo contra los más fuertes. Soy el usuario 538127451

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How can you sign in from another phone?

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I heard you can be funded through igg and was wondering how that went about if anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it much love all

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How do you do this

Brandon Anspach
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This is the best game ever. When I first started playing I thought it was gay but I was wrong

Brandon Anspach