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Newbie Guide: (and everyone else) Easy money

I know that many of us don't have the money to spend like some of the P2P people on Lords Mobile. It does make for an imbalance in might, troops, etc. in the game.

But there are ways to earn free gift cards that you can spend in the game. Myself, I earn Google Play giftcards whenever I can. The 2 main methods I use are:

Target. Yes, the store. When you shop there you will come across products that offer Target gift cards if you purchase items. For me, I will buy the largest Downey fabric softener in the store for my business. I usually buy 6, and walk away with $15-20 in Target gift cards, which I use to buy Google play gift cards to spend on LM.  That's just a small example of what you get there. Probably other stores do the same thing.

Another method I use is Shopping Apps that reward you with points.
I use SHOPKICK for this. Anytime you are out shopping, at a mall, or many grocery stores, you can get points just for walking into the store, as well as using your phone to scan products. Also, if you buy certain products on their scan list, you get a lot more points, or as they call them, 'kicks'. If you choose to try this, download the app and enter the invite code:  EARN717656  you and I will get bonus points for this. Then you can turn around and invite your friends, and get more points when people sign up and make their 1st scan.

There are other apps out there as well to earn free gift cards, so don't think that you can't at least buy some LM packs on occasion to help you get a little further ahead. Some of these apps take some time to accumulate points to convert, but it's just a simple easy way to earn money doing some of the things you already do anyways.

I hope this helps some of you get some LM packs that you usually can't afford.

If you know of other ways to earn gift cards to use on LM, please share..

Anthony  IG Id: 516515890

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IGG ID 571416549 NumaLee​ J85

IGG ID 571416549 NumaLee​ J85
Posted on 2018-06-18 08:18:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to see an option in reach under economy.  For multiple treasure trove deposits. Up to 2.  And available on castle 17 and up.

Gotta bounce
Posted on 2018-06-23 03:34:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok I've been playing for a while and I've noticed that all material chests have a different color for every level of material they are (supposed) to give. With how much they cost to buy, it is a cheat and some might even go as far as calling it a scam, that when you open say a purple (EPIC) Material chest, you end up getting blue and green materials. That's just wrong. If yall are going to make it random like that then just have one king of material chest. And randomize it. I believe and know that for it to be fair, off it it left the way it is, you need to give materials that are the same color as the chest and then make it random to what material of that color you get. ie.- if I open an (EPIC) material chest, which is PURPLE, then the materials I should expect to get should be purple, when they aren't a feel extremely cheated and refuse to buy any more unless yall fix this outrageous unfairness. Thank you for your consideration of this change in advance. I'm glad to be a Lords Mobile player. I look forward to seeing what else yall come up wlth.

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What's the code??

Killing the COONS
Posted on 2018-06-24 21:49:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

Can we Please have an update on Battles, Especially Rally Battles. I would like to enjoy them maybe separate the troops identifying them little blood shed.

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Are you guys at IGG ever going to do anything about this inventory of useless 4 and 8 hour shields that I am “collecting”? Would be GREAT if you could update the game so that we could use a combination of 4hr shields, to total a 24 or 48 or 36 hour shield. The only time anyone above c12 uses a 4hr shield is when you get into trouble and need to hide from an attack. Would be nice to stack shields and use lower time limits “en-mass” to equal up to 24 or 72 or even 96 hrs shield times. Thanks.

Posted on 2018-07-06 09:09:39 | Show thread starter's posts only

sedikit TIPS dari saya untuk player baru
1.bagi player baru di awal-awal permainan akan mendapat permata total 1000 saran saya permata tsb dibelikan
   VIP5 semakin tinggi VIP semakin banyak keuntungan diperoleh.
2.PEMBANGUNAN; A.BARAK PELATIHAN 2 saja sudah cukup karena barak hanya menambahkan jumlah pelatihan

                        B.RUMAH SAKIT 3 kapasitas rumah sakit tidak boleh lebih kecil dari jumlah pasukan yg sudah kamu latih

                        C.MANOR sebaiknya diperbanyak karena bisa menambah persen laju pelatihan.

                        D.PEMBANGUNAN SUMBER DAYA: PERTANIAN cukup 1 walaupun padi anda nol pasukan kalian tidak akan mati selebihnya PABRIK KAYU DAN TAMBANG BATU dan TAMBANG BIJI.

3.RISET utamakan riset MILITER dan laju pembangunan dulukan waktu riset yang tidak terlalu lama tuk riset yg memakan waktu lebih 7jam sebaik saat kalian akan offline

4.PAHLAWAN bisa kalian dapat dengan menyelesaikan tahap normal atau dengan mengumpulkan medali di tahap elite.kalian juga bisa mendapatkan pahlawan dengan cara top up/pembelian di mall

5.PERTEMPURAN GUILD sebaiknya guild kalian mempunyai aliansi yg siap membantu guild kalian.DARKNEST bisa ikuti dengan melakukan pengerahan diguild karena semakin banyak yang ikut kesempatan menang semakin besar.

6.PASUKAN terbagi berberapa jenjang..J1 hingga jenjang J4 semakin tinggi Jenjang pasukan anda semakin kuat.gunakan percepat untuk melatih pasukan semakin banyak pasukan semakin tingggi MIGHT kalian.

7.MENYERANG KASTIL sebelum menyerang sebaik kalian mengintip kastil yang kalian jadikan target...lakukan pengerahan jika kalian tidak sanggup untuk  menyerang sendiri.

8.GUILD/CLAN: sebaiknya kalian mengikuti atau mempunyai guild untuk membantu anda dalam segala hal.

IGG ID : 583898589