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A:Newbie Guide
I m new in your game actually just a week ago but I really addicted to your game and I m interested in spending real cash too actually for skin you guys give all the packages for speedup, resources boost packages and all then why don't you guys give skin pack offers too.. Just an offer which must be limited duration I m sure man peoples will buy it give season package offer with skins  so many people's will buying skins packages too skins are too costly in your game to be frank man. But offer make their mind easy for investing more

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The newbie guide.
First off starting off things are already one sided for your luck big players really don't hit small castles u less just being mean the first peak point is castle 17. Next the best thing to do is to learn and coach yourself to al2ays shield and never pick a fight with a castle with higher might.  Research and reaching castle 25 is the firat big goal.  At castle 25 everything is able to be opened or achieved.  Pick carefully how you start your resear h there are 3 diff3rent types offence  defence  or a balanced castle.  Make sure to max out researches to be as effective as possible .  Like me im the defenc3 God bil might players dread going up against me blindly.   The newbie guide guided is exactly what the name says this is a brief over view of whats needed to survive .
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Kings court
Posted on 2018-05-19 09:25:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

I believe that anima should be a resourse that we can send to others in the game. It is a number of players that have a surplus of it but don't use it because of the amount of resources but others that produce more that enough regular resources can. This can help the success of use familiars in the game.

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This game is doomed unless IGG puts a cap on the number of troops you can lose in a 24 hour period. I have lost too many friends who have quit the game when they lost 2 years worth of troops because they forgot to shield  one night. A 50% troop loss cap might have kept them in the game. When you spend thousands of dollars on a game and 2 years of time to build an army, it shouldn't get thrown away because you fell asleep before shielding or you lost internet connection. It can and will happen to everyone and no one is too big to be zeroed. Wake up IGG, the players you lose are the big spenders who have put so much time and money in the game that if they lose it all overnight they just walk away.

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Who negotivia terminates auscors

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How about a leash on players that are twice the size of a kingdom. One good way is if you/your guild stick out like a sore thumb in a kingdom you moved to by being 2x or more bigger then 50 to 75% of that new kingdoms population  they game automatically put population control on you and any of your guild mates that fit the bill. How population control? By making you feed your troops at all times IF your food zeros out your troops start dieing and dieing til you reload on food and their will be a limit on how much food your guildmates can provide. Mind you you can send them (reinforce ) to be fed by a friend but that means your eating up thier food suppy.
That would give that kingdom a fighting chance and game developers would love it too cause you would be spending more money but this time its not on gems ,heros and gear it would be food.

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Hi all I am ravikiran ,, nice Game

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Newbie Guide

-Try to work on a schedule so you can always make troops, constructions and investigations on time. If you have a lot of time in the day try to build and investigate things that have a duration of 4hours, that way you can evolve faster and in the night take the ones that need more time, so even when you are sleeping you can progress in the game.

- Its easy to spend your resources if you can see them so i would recommend that dont always claim every quest reward.

- Dont make every guild quest or admin quest when you get it because you will waste a lot of food. Wait until some build, investigation or troops require an average of 30k of food and then use every one of them. (Applies only if you are vip 7 or plus)

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Posted on 2018-06-14 04:30:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

This game is only for paid players because in Colosseum p2p players low might hero powerful than f2p big might gold hero
It should be not justify
This is game is not for only business for administration
They become famous because of this game . Many player doesn't have money but still they are playing and because of p2p players attack they leaving game soon
Many things of this game is depend on money like
Upgrade altar prison elite stage in labyrinth
Just develop game for f2p player also
They are enjoying game
If you upgrade game for f2p player also the game Lords Mobile will be the most top rank game of the world
Must be increase more cost for migration scroll
People comes and burn low might player when any kingdom migration restrictions open