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I think there should be no shield aloud while online n automatically  sheild when off line.

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I think the game needs a word auction house , to sell or buy or trade any items,  resource, speedup, and so on, and it be on the market if other player want it.

Posted on 2018-02-19 23:18:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Familiar Guide

I’ve created a chart that shows you what familiar gives what benefits, and which pact you can get them from

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Newbie Guide:

Most Important rule Have Fun and Be Yourself.
2. Don't let the higher might players that are God like strong run you off the game. Remember shelter your troops and leader and always keep your resources low. This way the attacker who burns your castle to it's very foundation, gets a win, and no loss of soldiers or resources.
3. Remember Have fun, enjoy the game and make friends with people across the globe and connect to make communities of awesome guilds!
4. Everyone plays this game at their own pace. Don't feel pressured to buy into packs if you don't want to. 
5. Find a guild first thing. Joining a guild is key to building a strong family unit that hunts monsters together to gain gifts, battle dark nest to gain rewards and showing your kingdom that no matter how many loses we got or times we burned down to the ground, we will not let it affect our attitude and the way we do things. Remember have fun.

George Briggs
Posted on 2018-03-24 21:00:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Couple of ideas. ..I think it would be cool idea to intercept troops as they travel to a castle or darknest.

And when you attack someone you shpuld be able to steal research or research time. Or actually destroy buildings  or take a level from them.

Posted on 2018-03-25 03:55:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

I think this game is becoming too much own sided. Firstly old players never let new players level up by constantly looting and leaving to revenues to heal troops. Secondly the pay to play players level up fast and harass the free to okay players.

We must make a mechanism to give some benefit to lower level players.

You should update the game to allow 50 mil higher players to lose points who attack below 20mil might players or get less loot or experience points. It's high time you did something for new players.
200 mil might players and above should get subsidized or negative points for attacking players below 100mil, unless it is an attack on the bases or a rally. Otherwise people will just start leaving the game because it is very irritating being helpless against a 100 mil might person who kills all the troops and his kill count increases for killing castle 4 and 5s. Which is actually a shame being even a player with such might.

Posted on 2018-03-29 06:54:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

A. For those who are new you main focus should be protecting your troops and rss at all times. Only use what u need in rss and as for your troops you can shelter them, set a long ghost rally on someone or shield but make sure u pay attention to ur times u set so you can reset or reinforce someone that is shielded but check their shield time so ur troops are not sitting ducks when their shield falls.
B. For construction: focus on castle, u need it to be at least c17 to get T3 troops, and embassy to be able to hold or rein troops more, and battle hall, which requires u buying war tomes as u go because it gets really expensive the higher it goes and i know it needs to be way up there for T4s and then your Prison, which requires u buying steel cuffs that also will expensive and finally your academy needs to stay with level of your castle so u dont get behind.
Research: Focus when first starting out on economy construction research and keep up on it as u go, work on getting all the way up to T3s unlocked to get ready when u have c17. Focus on monster research after that and then start on troop production after or right b4 u get T3 unlocked and t4 cuz they get expensive and looong time to build. Then go from there what u think is best. Also dont forget to set your heros, equipment, and talents on research b4 u start a research and exact same thing for construction. It will help time way down. Starting out in game focus ur talent points on maxing out all construction  and research and then troop production first, meaning do bare minimum on rest for now then do what u want. That is economy set up!
C. Try to get 3 stars on each stage b4 moving on to be able to go back to that stage and get rewards again and in economy mode try to get trickster for research boost and wizard and more for economy boost.
D. DO NOT ATTACK A GUILD YOUR GUILD CANT HANDLE. Do not attack guild that have no chance defending their self against our guild cuz that promotes bullys and most dont like that and cpuld become most hated and attacked guild. Scout b4 attacking and send best troops for that attack also u can use T1s as meet shields for ur T3s that ur T3s wont die. Dont send t2 when u have t3 or it will safe ur t2 b4 t3. Only use t1 and t3 meat shield ur t4. Only use t1 or t2 for gathers cuz their faster and not expensive to replace if attacked while gathering.
E. Main goal is t3 and t4. Keep t1 as meet shields and if u want get rid of t2 cuz u will loose t3 and t4 b4 u loose t2 which is not good.
F. Scout, attack smart, do not bully, work as guild and protect ur troops and rss at all times. Dont give that out for free when enemy guild attacks u.
G. LAST...your guild is ur family, work as one, grow as one, and u will see much better results as a guild.


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Posted on 2018-04-04 09:56:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to see an update made where you can sell or trade items you no longer need for example: trade in bookmarks for cabinet storage, or another example: trade in something like the pickaxe for steel cuffs or for my last example: trade in random relocators for bravehearts

It has bothered me for a long time, having such a large amount of items that I cant use for anything sitting in my bag :/