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[Event] Lords Mobile Think Tank

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Ok I love it

My Love Sohagi Hoq
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I have bit playing it for less than a month, I would say if you are newbie,:
1) Find a good guild that is relatively new but active. This will ensure you that you would not be kick out.
2) when you get your leadership talent, concentrate on the construction and resources like food, ore, stone, wood and gold. Each placement of talents point will increase the % of specific task. I would suggest focus on the construction, resources production and research.
3) use STA widely to increase your hero level, each increased rank will fasten the task specific to each hero. Medal are important too, try to collect it to boost your hero.
4) don't forget to utilise your energy to hunt master, preferably use boasted struck. You will get better and variety rewards compare to a single hit.
5) stay closed to your guild mate for ease of reinforcement and resource supply.

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BASICS Construction and Research GUIDE

1. For begineer I recommend to upgrade the CONSTRUCTION SPEED to maximum according to your ACADEMY BUILDING LEVEL.
2. After Construction speed, please focus on upgrading SOLDIERS HITPOINTS. Then upgrade SOLDIERS ATTACK. This is because when in early you want to have the best and strong troops research that helps you on attacking and defending. SOLDIERS DEFENSE research seems to be less affective than SOLDIERS HP & ATTCK.
3.Next you would want to upgrade your MONSTER HUNT'S research. This help you to farm monster easily. You can get a lot of items just by attacking monster.
4.The last one you want to focus on is WALL DEFENSE'S research. This is because in early game your WALL is not the strongest and to me it stronger you will need to spend a lot of time. And upgrading your WALL DEFENSE'S only help you in defense while MILITARY'S research helps you attacking and defending. Also your wall can be easily breached by P2P player.
5. Upgrade SUBSIDY of troops you always use.


1)Build and upgrade building with shortest amount of time first.
2)When you're gonna be away for a long time go build and upgrade building with longest amount of time depending on how many hours you're gone.

-Get help from guild members to speed up your construction and research.
-Use speedups when there is an event from solo&hell event for building and researching.(The points depend on the might you get)
-Always use hero equipment that give CONSTRUCTION&RESEARCH speed attributes.(unless you going to battle)

These are only from my opinion after playing hours of Lords mobile. Feel free to add.

PS: I made it in a rush, if I made a mistake pls let me know.

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I think you should put a new function of giving speed ups to guild members live we give resources

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Some visible changes after maintainence. Thanks for attention.
Goh ghosh

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in our own castle ,there should be a post of priest and adviser which gives some gems or speed up by earning experience.

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For all commited players:

You are determined to make it to casltle level 25.

This is the first chapter of my guide to long term in game success.

Part I - Guilds:
The most important aspect of this game is being in a good guild!

A good guild is based on teamwork and strong guild leadership. Teamwork relies on communication, participation and dedication. A strong guild leader is both a good communicater and strategist who is available for all guild members. The guild leader must inform, direct and be able to take advice from the guilds members without attitude. The leader must also be good at analyzing the guilds ability in contrast with other guilds. Finally, it is absolutely vital for the leader and/or some handpicked members   to be in contact with other guilds to form alliances and plan battle strategies with.

Without all of these elements a guild will fail!

Part II - Player development:
Remember, your goal is to get to castle level 25 as fast as you can. This game is ultimatly about time. The time it takes you to build and develop your character and castle and the time spent in game.
To be successful you need to login and play multiple times throughout the day. If you don't want to do this you won't go very far in this game.

Now it's time for game specifics.

Research: Only research those items that that speed up research and construction time at first. Once you have maxed all of these items out then you can foccus on the military elements.

Resources: always farm the highest level resources available to you. Level 5 resources being the highest available in game.

Leader equiptment: At first, don't get equiptment that enhances battle skills and save your gems for merging into more powerful ones that you will use at castle level 25. Foccus on event equiptment which have the best bonuses for construction and research speed and get them to gold level.

Walls and traps: Dont bother building them until at least tier 3 and prefferably tier 4 otherwise you are just waisting time and resources.

Military: Don't build a large army until you can build tier 3 or tier 4. Tier 1 and 2 are primarily useful to win battles for space within your own castle.

This is the end of chapter 1. It is not an exaustive explination of all the steps you should take but rather a generalized description of what is need to do well. More to come later...

Play hard and have fun!


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I have a suggestion when we are on map we can only zoom in to see monsters etc but we cannot zoom out to see all turfs in map. So I want you to add zoom out feature so that I can see everything on map at once. I also know that we can see the whole map at once by taping on it but it only shows base and wonders not all turfs. So bring this feature in next update.

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You should be able to turn off rally notifications once you've already chosen to look at them

Kyle A
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