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The guide I follow is join a guild you can connect with make sure majority is active and grow and have fun don’t let people get to you enjoy ur time in the game and the game will stay entertaining for you!

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A Chill Guide to Getting stronger

I'm Anj, and I'm going to talk to you about getting stronger.
But unlike most guides that talk about getting stronger, I'm going to talk to you guys about how to get stronger "The Chill Way"
1) Buildings
- The number and types of your buildings in this game will affect your game play. Let's talk about resources. I suggest only building 1-2 farms. The more troops you have the more food you waste. Keep in mind that your troops will NEVER starve so building more is useless and you'll only waste building space. You can just dip into your bag when you need to. Build mines, quarry and mills in a 6:6:5 ratio or 6:5:6 ratio. These resources are very useful in research and construction.
- Research the economy division in the research lab.  This will help you produce more resources in the long run. Researching the castle wall health will help you defend your castle better. Sometimes, in battle, the castle wall will make or break your defense. Don't forget the research upgrade your army too. You'll need it in order to upgrade to higher tier troops.

2) Upgrade your talents
- I suggest upgrading the construction, research talents first. Next would be Gathering speed and Max load, followed by Gold production. The rest will be up to you. The first 2 talents will help you in levelling up, the second 2 will help you in gathering resources. And the last will help you with gold production

3) Join An Active Guild
- An active guild will help you become stronger. Helping each other with resources, monster kills, darknests will be mutually beneficial for every guild member. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say than 1/3 of my current player strength is because my guild was there to support me.

4) Hero stages
- One of the fun parts of the game is the hero stages. These can earn you medals which you use to hire heroes. You can earn these medals in the elite hero stages. This is also a good way to level up. I collect/upgrade heroes as a hobby, but it helped me level up fast early on

5) Gathering
- Gathering resources from resource tiles will be your main source of food,stone,ore,wood and even gold. Why steal and make enemies when you can get it yourself?

6) Monster Hunt
- Monster hunting is a great way to get loot, rare materials and exp. This is why a good active guild is crucial. Hunting monsters also gives you gift boxes which you can open for extra loot. However, hunting costs energy, which is why it's important to plan which heroes to send depending on the type of monsters

7) ..And
- Last is have fun. You'll level up before you know it with the fun You'll have in this game. Guaranteed. :)

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I’ll work on a tips sheet for all and in the meantime let me know what you’d like to learn, https://youtu.be/JIFOkSQ3d-U

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Matching opponent searching near you may help .....
this is a must ... at least customized turf search ..

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I think the relocator should have a cooldown of at leaset 1 hour. Provide a fair chance if it was used for attacking. And avoid coward play of attack and run. Provides more realistic way to the game as well as you may need time to move rather than moving at a blink.

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1: relocate shouldn't be more expensive like that,, I think should only be times two of random relocate,, and as for the newbies Guild  I think the newbies are being bullied by the bigger guys ,,,that why most quit the games  And about the farm issues,,, the wheat drains a lot more faster than usually ,making it hard for some to improve their troops, And for wonder war,, I think the wonder should have a limited time  Making it easier for other to participate,, after the limited time is over, then the shield up
Well,, hoping for a clan who gets your back kkb brothers is the best
(kkb) Brothers

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Newbie Guide
For ever increasing growth focus on improving the 3 time limited areas first in the following areas: your talent tree, equipment, research, and heroes.
Those 3 limited areas are: construction speed, research speed, and training speed.
For the talent tree you can focus on those three areas until lvl57 and you can always get talent resets or talent sets to change to a military based talent set.
The heroes to focus on are: trickster, scarlet bolt, and sage of storms.
Focusing on these 3 skills will allow you to grow as fast as possible.

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