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( hesabının üç gün içerisinde kapanacağı) hakkında bilgi mesajı geldi yanlışlıkla olmasına rağmen neden hesabım kapatılıyor lütfen hesabimi tekrar acarmisiniz

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Suggestion: Add an option to name rallies.  For example, the rally captain could type "T2 or higher", "no cavalry", etc.  That way people don't have to dig through chat to find troop restrictions or details.  It would all be right there when joining.

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I'll talk to a few of my guild members and we came up with an idea. It's just a suggestion. We would like to be able to choose our own avatars instead of the main hero being that Avatar just like in this forums

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I am writing you to express my opinion about what to do to be a good 'lord' or a good 'lady'  in Lords mobile...

First of all you must play with patience ,the gems is all that we want right?...so we must play more clever than we do.For instacne we need gems to level up but we have a low level castle,the first thing we must do is to wait until we will level up and we will reach a high level.After that as i said the most valuable thnig in the game is the gems so we start our 'adventure' with events,monster hunts,gem loads and of course with the arena to  gather gems..

Secondly when we will gather a lot of gems we start spend the to get more,For example we level up our heroes to win a good prize to the arena ,and this way you will reach the highest level and became the best lord or lady.

These are my tips about Lords mobile.

Posted on 2017-10-17 10:50:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Attacking Castles

1. First scout your target to get an accurate read on your tagets troops, wall HP,  and trap count.  You must also ensure u have atleast an lvl 6 intelligence report to get a more accurate reading on your target.

2. Switch to war talents to give you a extra boost during fight for example if your opponent
have say 150k tier 3 and you have 120k tier3 and say you have 250 talents and you put all those to war you will surely win.

3. Depending  on how far away your target is say over 50m you should either buy a speed boost or a relocator to launch a sneak attack on your target.

4.  You should have your weakest hero as your leader and he should always be sheltered that way  if an enemy ports next to you and lauch a sneak attack your leader will be safe.

5. You should always be able to heal as much troops as you march are near the amount meaning you should have atleast 5 infirmaries.

6. This is the most important rule of all never ever attack a person you are sure you will lose against.

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Posted on 2017-10-20 04:15:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like to suggest that the buddles for 100€ are deleted or at least put more stuff in it. I know i speak for myself but 100€ is kinda to much and get so little. Also for 20€ buddles are sometimes really low.
And i wouls like to suggest the reduction cost to save talent because putting 1200gems just to save a talent is just insane. Also make a differencw between reseting talents or applying one thatbis allready saved. For reset talent i would leave at peace but for applying one that is saved and to pay everytime i make a little differenfe in talents is lame.
Also vip quests and reward we get from chest is very close to 0. Like i get nothing from them.
Also tier 3 and 4 troops should have more might per troop when u train them.

Thank you

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Posted on 2017-10-20 09:32:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

What is needed or would be great is a battle board . The battle board could be listed or viewed via button on diplomacy board where only guild mates can view. This battle board would include all incoming attacks or battles that have happened to which guild mate and by who , outgoing attacks by which guild mate and as well as scouting . This way all R5 and R4 leaders as well as others can keep track ....

Posted on 2017-10-24 13:44:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Why the rubber duck do you allow 127 mill power castles to farm 1 mill and below. You are ruining you own game. You need a penalty system for players who have no honour

Posted on 2017-10-24 18:07:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Why is my food in the negative 9000's upkeep?