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ABOUT Troops
training is must always train your troops as you unlock tier ( each tier has different might)you train the higher one it will increase your might
but be carefull because if you loss troops your might will fall always shelter even if u  have si eld on you can use t3 on dark nest lvl3 4 for t4 and 1 for 1 2 for 2
If u shelter your troops but still I bit of troops left and can not be sheltered than make a fake rally in which you can safe your troops  
good luck to you and me

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Hi guys. I am new here. How are you all??

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I dnt kno where to ask or how to ask but where do I get new guys at I'm stuck wit the same ones they gave me can someone please help

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Can you guys check out my forum please,its important

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Newbie guide(building up your castle)
So this is from what to build, to what to focus on, how many of which building to build etc
So first off start by getting as close to an equal amount of resource buildings so 4 lumber 4 mines, 4 farms 4 quarry to keep your production up then get all your buildings to about level 7 around, once that Is finished only upgrade building you actually need to upgrade to keep upgrading your castle, the main point is to get to castle 9 and start getting tier 2 troops then once you get t2 troops start going for castle 17, once that's accomplished obviously get tier 3 units, after you get tier 3 get ever single building to level 17 then go to castle level 25.
Talents- for talents put every talent point into research/construction boosts then into training/trap building, once you hit a might of 40 million around go ahead and start putting it all on troops making, and troop attack damage/health/defense etc
Research- for research go for tier 2 , tier 3, and tier  units/traps if your not getting those make sure your upgrading your construction speed, unit damage/health/defense make sure you also keep up with your scouting level that helps a lot same with travel speed, also once available start researching new layouts for attacking to change the way you fight.
Skirmish- this one is quite obvious and simple only attack if it's not to strong, if it doesn't say it's to strong then attack it but, if you have 45k t2 units at least go ahead and attack skirmish 8 the labyrinth is well worth the troop loss. Igg id 331086895 - Prime Souls

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I would think it would be great if you could reinforce your guild members while you are under a shield,  when they are being attack.  Also it wouldn't have a limit on the number of troops when team members are under attack.  This would make the playing field even. Just a thought. !

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I need gems

Posted on 2017-10-03 21:42:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

I need gems tell me how to get plz 

Posted on 2017-10-04 06:17:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

I want to make one, are it will get reward?