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Sir I need some picture of Lords mobile castle 7 kindly send me

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Ideal Troop built for Darknest players.

Your talent points should go all to Training Speed I & II.

The requirements:

Building scheme is 7 infirmaries, 6 manors, 4 barracks.

A level 9 wall defense. This also includes traps. Will take lots of time to do this at first but imo it's worthy if only because players around your might will have lots of difficult in attacking you.

Three heroes to have for your wall is Rose Knight (Army Attack bonus) Snow Queen (trap attack bonus) and Shade (wall defense bonus).

Why do you need such a strong defense? Because you will be producing lots of gold with your manors so you will need to make your fort as strong as possible.

Each barracks gives around 10% of army defense boost at level 25. This is huge and you probably should build even more barracks if you feel like it. Plus it's easier to work with big quotas rather than a few.

Your maxed out manors should give you lots of training speed boosts. Use your speed ups on troops mostly. Because buildings and research after castle 18 or so will take whole weeks to complete so there is little purpose using a couple of 3H or 60m items on them. Focus on your troops instead. T3 is your quickest and most valuable might from there on. They alone can basically fill most solo event 3 for example and give sometimes a few awesome items as rewards.

Once you max out your manors and talents training speed,  you will have over 200% training speed  boost. Added this to a couple of speed ups you should be able to train around 3500k t3 every 8-9 hours or so at minimum. In 10 days you should have trained around 90k of t3 in your turf.

So three weeks is all you need to train 200k t3 if you aren't really going at it (however you must be active every now and then to click in your barracks and train them). I'd say you could do it in about 2 weeks or less even.

maxed out infirmaries (40k slots) x 7 = 280K infirmaries slots

So in this scheme you can always have around 200k t3 troops quite easily and fast with little risk as well.

I'd suggest training all 280k troops or so. Leave 200k outside and 80k in the shelter. This way you will never get zeroed if someone too strong attacks you while you are offline.

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Hey I think a neat thing to add would to be able to see where your guild mates are when you pull up the full kingdom map where it says (your castle is here) like have little dots wherever your guild mates are!!!

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Heroes guide.

Grade: Strenght and Might.
Rank: skill and technique.

Heroes grades make your hero more powerful and they increase the power of his ultimates when attacking or defending your castle, as well as boosting his admistrative and logistical skills. Let's say that a common grade (or silver) hero has 1% research boost. After gathering medals and increasing him to the next grade, or green grade, or uncommon grade, he will have 2%. And so on. With each grade increase these abilities become stronger. And so does his might, making him stronger for hero stages, monster hunt, and colosseum battles.

Now for the heroes' rank.

The heroes rank doesn't affect these skills directly. The rank skills are noticeable in hero stages, monster hunts and colosseum: unlike the grades skills, they don't actively improve your turf neither your troops. Basically a rank defines the skill set of a hero. So the bigger it is the most likely it is that you will win a battle against other heroes/monsters. A rank 7 hero is most likely to win a battle against a common or even blue grade hero that hasn't yet reached the rank 7, as long as the power gap between both isn't too big. This happens because the rank 7 awakes another special skill in the hero which generally makes a HUGE difference for colosseum and hero stages.

A few hints on improving heroes.

Know where to Start:

1. At firt you must upgrade the grades of only two heroes to uncommon: Prima Donna and Devil Slayer. They have to be strongest in your team at the beggining.

2. Improve your monster hunting. Don't use gems on these researches though unless you feel like you can afford to spend some of them. Speed ups are fine.

3. Do plenty of monster hunts. Not only they will help you grow faster by earning you special items but they will also increase your heroes faster. Sometimes you will also win plenty of gems, happens especially when you hunt higher level monsters.

4. The bigger your hero's level is the higher ammount of XP he will receive from monster hunts.

5. Once you reach player 54 and all your heroes are rank 7, now you can switch focus to improving their grades. Because it's simply more favorable than getting them to rank 8.

Reinforce your team.

6. Heroes to unlock: Devil Slayer, Tracker, Incinerator, Rose Knight, Death Knight,  Sea Squire.

Strategy is the Key.

7. I'd recommend you to focus on improving the grades of two heroes at first. Then improve the rest of your roster. Rose Knight and Tracker are good picks in my opinion, make them priority and get them to a blue (rare) grade along with your Prima Donna. They will give you lots of strenght all around for your turf, for your military, monster hunt, resources, colosseum, hero stages...about everything. Once they are blue grade improve the other heroes as well.


8. Invest your gems on the treasure trove you won't be using them a lot, and spend all your gems on bravehearts if you feel like it.


9. Have a good army size so you can rally the darknests, always under shelter limit. Always shelter your troops when under attack by bigger players, play smart. You have to keep your troops intact to focus on the heroes.

More hints:

10. Don't rush the grade of Trickster and Scarlet Bolt. Their research and construction boosts will not do anything to you on the mid-to-late game really, and you will take around 4 months to get them both to gold. Buildings and research above castle 20 will take weeks easily. These heroes are good for their monster hunt only and challenge stages. You can upgrade your turf faster by having a good monster hunt research + a good colosseum spot and being an active player in the game.

11. But you may want to push Sage of Storms + Scarlet Bolt to gold (Legendary grade) for a combined 40% boost of construction. This depends on your strategy. It will make it easier for you to rush castle 25 for example, as well as having a good construction gear.

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what do i put on server if i want to reply a post? Sorry if stupid question..

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Hi my name is puma I am boy.
My castle 20

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I am a run
My cartel 19

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Sfat: pentru a avea resurse cat de cat rezonabil, deblocati caravana (barca) acolo puteti face resurse foarte usor.

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