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Why do the Chinese get special privileges. Anyone can find it if they just change their language to the Chinese that's like 4 from the bottom. Y'all should make the game fair for everyone and not give advantages to one set of people it's really bs and I know now not to give a dime to this game until that is fixed

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I think you should add a feature that lets u spawn to the hive without a locater making the guild leader set a hive location and spawn in a very close spot as close to the leader as possible

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The guide for Newbies
1. Getting a good start: i would recommend all newbies to save their gems up in the first period. Save them up for leveling up your castle. Castle is almost the most important get it up to atleast level 17 because it is then T3 will be available. Remeber this: Join a good guild! They will help you really much. As the guild i am in i started in there and now i got 495k might. And also i would recommend to buy packs from the store to get a boost up.

2. Might: Might is really important. You can earn it by doing quests, build buildings, build a army and building traps. I would recommend to always train soldiers! And also always level up you buildings. Building traps is also very good. And by leveling up yourself you can make 18k might by level 30!

3. Guild: Look for a good guild. And when you are in a guild be organized. Place your base just by them and they will send reinforcement when you are attacked. And you will get help with building things. And also you can team up and do rallies and also when they buy back you will get a gift chest and also when monsters are defeated!

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Newbie guide for lords mobile.
A. First you should build a strong resource making. farm,quarry,ore mine,timberand manor.first you should build
1 farm
5 quarry
5 timbers
and 2 ores
Then you should build 1 Barack because there's no difference of how many you build it will always be the same build about 2 infarmirys to heal your troops .then you should on getting to the academy in the academy you should go for economy and research speed and construction speed.then slowly build up to upgrading walls,monster hunting then last of all I hope this has helped a lot.
the end

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hello to everyone

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Newbie Guide to Gain Hero XP and maximise rewards from guild fests
Complete turf quests and do not collect rewards along the way.
Once you know you have completed a substantial amount of turf quests wait for guild fests, pick the right quest and use the xp boost and claim rewards for all the turf quests and if you pick admin quest or guild quest you can use your admin and guild scrolls to get more resource materials and maximum Xp for hero level. Now you will have a good amount of rss available look for good hell and solo events along with guild fest quest to gain research might and use the rss with speed ups to complete research missions to gain Tier 3 rewards for hell, solo events and guild test points for your guild. IGG ID:408556550

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Guide for Hero Stages

For Newbies who just started playing. Making your heroes level up and ranking up would be easy at first and will get harder as you pass higher stages. Now, make sure that your level as player is always the same as your heroes level. You will get alot of heroes on the way and level those up too. That way you'll get more options to choose in battle. You can level them all up by doing sweep and gaining exp foods and materials for your heroes. Also, there is Hell Stage, do them because it will help to gain new heroes, exp, medals, and materials. And third, the challenge stage. There is no limit of how many times you challenge it so you should do that. Keep your heroes in shape so they can be helpful to you throughout the game.

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My guild is in general Def guild... when someone atack us... we reinforce to make more deads. We are not constr and research... we have troops... but we dont atack... we just def :))) igg id: 374766180

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Cool thanks

Antonio Griffin