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B. Construction and Research

Construction and research is all about the boosts to reduce the time it takes to build and research skills buildings.  The first thing you should do is focus on economy and military research and the buildings needed to complete those to the highest level you can before the timers become too long (6 hours or more).  As soon as you can during this process take a little time out to do the absolute basic monster and defense research so you can at least farm materials for equipment and build basic traps on your walls.

When focussing on which resource buildings to construct you will only need 1 farm to start with as military development is not important until you reach level 10 (with the exception of skirmishes but they can be completed easily with t2's) and food items are a dime a dozen and so are food resource tiles, so focus on spacing your resource buildings out equally between mines, quarries and lumbermills.

Early in the game you should focus your heroes talent tree only down the right side as this is where the construction and research boosts are found and you should only maximise construction speed and research speed and put the minimum required talent points in the talents between these skills as this will shave off build and research times dramatically.

While you are managing your construction and research make sure to farm monsters that drop materials to make and upgrade your heroes equipment as some weapons and armor provide research and construction boosts.

Once you hit level 11 focus all of your research towards unlockkng tier 2 troops and then begin to train as many as you can.  This will help push through the skirmish missions (I found i needed about 60,000 troops evenly spaced however with a bit of planning and strategy you could cut that down to about 40,000) and unlock more build space.  A good layout is to have 4 hospitals, 2 barracks and the rest manors as manors boost training speed and 4 hospitals can heal an entire battalion with ease which will reduce losses and allow you to avoid constantly retraining.  Any more than 2 barracks and you will burn through your resources.

Once you have achieved unlocking tier 2 troops ensure all of yournresource buildings are level 10 or 11 and then focus on nothing else other than trying to achieve level 17 castle and academy and researching tier 3 troops as this whats needed to survive.  Now i will say that this is infinitely easier to achieve if you spend money on the available packs however if you are patient you wont need to.

Once you are at this point its a simple matter of playing catch up with the rest of your buildings and research and as long as you constantly train t3 troops for gathering and farming and defense you will be fine take the time to.catch up on defense and monster research.

Once you have achieved castle level 25 obtain a talent reset and respec your hero down the left hand side as this isnall military and defense talents.  Alternatively you can wait until you learn the talent swap ability and then set up a second talent tree ... one for construction and research and one for attack and defense.

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I think it'd be cool to send resources and troops to two people outside their own Guilds. It would make Guild Alliance is a lot more legit

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B. Construction and Research speed
Ok Now lets do this !

First how to gain Speed in Research and Construction!
1. Help from the guild - ok guys remember to join any guild that you like especially that you know you will have friends and they are active as you play. Helping a guildmate can give you Guild coins back which you can buy a speed up, treasure, vip points etc.

2. Vip Level - Why is that? If you are so active playing this game you can get a high Vip Level which give you a PERMANENT BOOST IN CONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH.
In my experience since i play on multiple accounts for me i always buy the 1000 vip points worth 1k in the start of game. You got 400 gem on start ,FB like +200 , Join guild +400 ( correct me if im wrong) which gives me around Vip level 5 or 6 and its close to Vip 8 that you can do Guild quest and Admin quest Automatically

3. Research about Construction Speed-
Tap on your research ,tap Resources and tadaaa! You will see the Construction Speed!

4.Equipments- Okay guys this is really a heavy guide if we talk about every equipment. But let me tell you this. In your Game (starter) Build/Forge what suites you best in early games, dont forget to Upgrade it. In later games you NEED 2 SENTINELS CIRCLET AND 2 LUNAR FLUTE, ALWAYS BUILD IT!  If you are doing a Heavy research equip the Lunar Flute , Heavy Construction Equip the Circlet. Always focus Research and Construction Boost that your item will give you (Focus on items level 35+) in mid games.

5. Level Points - When you Level up you will gain Points that will help you to play. Okay now heres the deal! Tap your Hero Icon (Top Left) and you will see the icon that looks like shield and color red. Thats your point allocation tile. If want speed Focus on the Right Side and Remember!!! FOCUS ON RESEARCH II and CONSTRUCTION II. Just put a little points in the tile till you unlock rhe next one, and do it until you reach this. And Max this out after that Max out RESEARCH I and CONSTRUCTION I.

6. Gems and Speed up!
Okay now this things will help you along THE WAY, you can finish a Research and Construction instantly but I suggest you Save 10k gems till Castle 17. And the excess should be use only, but remember your Gem can be store in TREASURE COVE in Castle 17 , thats where you get interest in every deposit. (Search about treasure Cove).
Speed up!! This is A drop item in game!
Now you can get it by :
a. Buying it on shop ( Gem shop , Guild shop and Game shop)
b. Hitting a Monster - They drop things like this when you Fought it .
c. Killing a Monster - If you have guild Every one will receive a Box of (Monster name) and give a random item like resource , gem and speed up.
d. Finishing stages , Wiping stages-  They always give speed up on this one after you finish every stage but not that big so Remember when you fill your Heart Do stage thay will give you Speed up and Hero items/ levels. So you can level them up to Kill a Monster Outside the castle!!

Thank you For reading this long Epic Guide

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( This is my alt account it would be a Great help )

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heres a link to my discord https://discord.gg/JJsvQGm

I'm a part of a Lords mobile discord which i own here's the link https://discord.gg/JJsvQGm
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Newbie Guide
You will start the game with nothing and have to build from there.
First you will have to build your buildings. When you finish building you will want only one farm (dont worry troops dont starve) one barracks about six infirmarys as many manors as you can. The rest spread evenly between mines, quarries and lumber mills. It is best to always hide any troops above your infirmary limits. You may do this by sending them far away to gather while you are offline or buy a shield. At first i would spend most of your gems on increasing vip level. Do not buy troops with gems. Excess gems should be used for speeding up research. As for research concentrate at first on getting tier 3 troops. Battle should be avoided. This is a long term strategy game. Battle will slow your growth. A note hear if attacked as long as the troops at home will fit in your infirm then none will die. No big deal however when you attack some of your troops will die. Monster attacks are a great way at first to level up your heros. Everytime your energy level gets l do monster attacks. At first you wont be able to defeat the monsters but dont fret your heros get  get stronger after each attack. That will get you started
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Where are the weekly winners being annouced? I feel like I wrote a pretty decent guide. I wanted to know if it was good enough to make elite trainers.

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Bonus Entrainement soldats
1. Construire 10 manoires et les améliorer constament pour gagner en % vitesse entrainnement
2. Prioriser le bonus de vitesse entrainnement lors de l'affectation des points de joueur
La vitesse d'entrainnement est très importante surtout lorsqu'on évolue des troupes de 1 à 4.
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Dear newbie players,
1.Focus on researching Construction and Research speed. This helps you get stronger a lot faster. Also put your talents points in construction and research before anything else. Meaning, 2/15 to unlock Construction Speed II, and then max that one. Here is an example of my current talents, at level 44. Important to note is that in this game, the highest level will give a significant boost. For example, Food production I gives a 8% bonus at the last level, but only 4% in the first four levels. That means the last point is a 200% increase. Not every talent has a 200% increase at the last one, however all of them have a significant higher bonus than the level before.
Once you get a bit higher things tend to take longer. Make sure that once you go to sleep, you have a construction or research running that will last till you wake up, this way you can use your time efficient.
If you spend money in games, it is also very smart to get either a lot of the 5$ packs, since they are cheap, and give an awesome cost/get ratio. Or you can focus on one pack, for example the big guy hero. Not only does this give you access to a new hero, which offers construction speed, the 20$ and up packs also give you legendary equipment, with stats ranging from construction speed, to player exp and gold production. If you are serious about the game, and want to be the best, this is a MUST-HAVE.
Here is an example of the 20$ pack legendary sword, with construction speed.
3. Make sure you have cleared the furthest possible stage, both in normal and elite. It will help you get items faster, as you don't find out you aren't far enough. Elite will let you get shards for new hero's, which in term give you bonuses and other strategic edges. Sometimes you might rather want to get 10 shards of a new hero, than 20 for a hero you already have.
4. Barracks allow you to train troops. However, more barracks DON'T mean you can train multiple types at the same time, it simply allows you to train more in one go. This is why I advise you to build no more than 2-3 barracks, depending on the spare time you have
One of my barracks is lvl 16. This means I would be able to train 1180 troops. However I have another barracks, which is level 10, which brings my total trainable troops to 1700. So, i can train 1700 troops at once. This means you can train the amount of troops which would get you through the night, so you don't lose precious training time. Manors decrease training time, so build a healthy amount of manors! I have 2 barracks, 2 infirmaries and the rest all manors. It keeps my training time around 6-7 hours when I train max amount of troops. Manors give increasingly better training time reduction, up to 20% at lvl 25. That means with my 9 barracks thats already 180% faster and around 70%!!! training time reduction. That sounds like jackpot to me!
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Pro Tips:

1. Be Chinese
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4. Win because you have all sorts of unfair advantages