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[Event] [Winner's List] Lords Mobile Comic Strip Event

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Posted on 2017-01-08 07:55:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey lords and ladies! Thank you all for participating in the Lords Mobile Comic Strip event! Here are the winners. Rewards will be sent within 7 days.

IGG IDReward
32303857115,000 Gems
3376505285,000 Gems
3706146925,000 Gems
2908717612,500 Gems
1190593632,500 Gems
3784377632,500 Gems
370774416800 Gems
289958066800 Gems
369615023800 Gems
383528130800 Gems
375136206800 Gems
351801143800 Gems
382394134800 Gems
379484374800 Gems
282645646800 Gems
369376771800 Gems

The winning drawing

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