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[Event] Facebook Event Winners: Lords Mobile with Friends

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Hi, All! We've received so many photos from you! Thank you for all your support. Winners are listed below and rewards will be sent in 24 hours! 

IGG IDRewards
3790592331K Gems
3511958131K Gems
3766444171K Gems
3707605511K Gems
3511978931K Gems
3746843581K Gems
3429007721K Gems
3651128531K Gems
3535653201K Gems
3280630001K Gems
3396521021K Gems
3561309891K Gems
 3501992031K Gems
3269046661K Gems
3774607181K Gems
3633032121K Gems
3798471201K Gems
3623065211K Gems
3768850201K Gems
3781116481K Gems
3539080851K Gems
3634752891K Gems
3243578751K Gems
 3781534111K Gems
3503499591K Gems
3579061581K Gems
3462900621K Gems
3519364615K Gems
3567064441K Gems
3776453271K Gems
 3731039621K Gems
3454896393K Gems
3763358451K Gems
3637843041K Gems
3782303621K Gems
3696150231K Gems
3550280631K Gems
3777414341K Gems
2633778771K Gems
3608404801K Gems
3590265241K Gems
3802552241K Gems
3766908231K Gems
3164011113K Gems
3662308641K Gems
3764505711K Gems
3486310431K Gems
1064687951K Gems
3299936311K Gems
3705470361K Gems
2529994111K Gems
3751362061K Gems
3742040161K Gems
3526450331K Gems
3777899051K Gems
 3150732501K Gems
3708419941K Gems
3565851661K Gems
3709489091K Gems
3546733101K Gems
3628383051K Gems

Hear Me Roar!
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