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[Guide] Managing Familiars: a more complete guide

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  1. Hello all.

    This is my first tutorial, so, if it have any error or mismatched information, let me know. We will talk about familiars. They can help your development a lot, so take an attention to them when you can.

    The first requirement to unlock this feature is to beat skirmish 8. So, if you are at low level and/or can't beat this stage, you will have to wait. There are some tutorials over this forum talking about skirmish 8, so I'll not talk about it.

    Let's get "familiar with familiar terms" :P

    Familiars: they are monsters usually you fight in hero stages, but you can summon (or hire, as you wish) they to "work" for you. Think them as your heroes, and as they, each familiar have your own skills and features. But, unlike heroes, familiars don't have grades, they have 3 "stages". They start at hatchling when hired, then go to adult, and finally, elder. You will learn how to enhance and train the familiars and upgrade they skills bellow. Unlike payed heroes, at least until now, all familiars are free to hire.

    Pacts: is what you will use to hire the familiars, get runes, skillstones and fragments. Pacts need to merged to work, and once merged, it will be randomly converted to one or more of that items.

    Runes: runes is like the heroes medals. Once you have a simple rune for a familiar, that familiar is hired. You will use this to enhance your familiar, too, as you do with heroes grades. You can't have more than one familiar of the same pact. If you get a rune for a already hired familiar, it will be saved for enhance that familiar. A rune for a familiar can't be used on another familiar.

    Fragments: small pieces that will be obtained when you merge pacts, and are used to upgrade familiar skills. Some familiar skills need more fragments than others. Unlike runes, you can use fragments for any familiar you want.

    Skillstones: the familiars which have attack skills need this item to use the skill.

    Skills: are the features for a familiar. There are 3 types of skills: permanent, support, and attack. Permanent skills are activated when a familiar is hired. Support skills are activated when you like, just tap the familiar icon on the right side of game screen, inside your turf or on the map. Attack skills appears in a icon when you tap an enemy turf. A note: some skills can be used even if the enemy turf is under shield! All skills can be upgraded, but are limited to familiar stage. So, higher familiar level, better skills.

    Anima: you need this item to merge pacts, together with other resources. Unlike common resources, it can't be gathered (at least until now), sended to guild mates or stolen in a attack. You can get anima on the mall, mystery boxes, killing "Animares" on the map (they appears in special events), cargo ship, or spending gems/coins on guild shop.


    Monsterhold: is the place where your familiars can be found. Here you can use the pacts merged, enhance the familiars and upgrade his skills. The other buildings are limited to the Monsterhold level. You will get it as soon you unlock skirmish 8.

    Mystic Spire: here you can select the pact or skillstones you want to merge. The number of pacts/skillstones you can merge at a time is limited by the Spire level. You can check this taping on the "i" icon when you enter Spire. If you have more than 1 Spire, the number of pacts is a sum of the levels.
    Note 1: You can only merge skillstones when you hire a familiar witch need this.
    Note 2: You can only merge one pact type at a time, even if you build 2 or more Spires. So, take care with this, you will learn why below.

    Gym: is the place where you will train you familiars. Higher level gyms gives boosts to the training. You can only train one familiar per gym. I'll talk about training bellow.

    Spring: produces and stores the anima needed for pacts and skillstones. It also helps to speedup the merging. Higher level, more boost. Nothing to do here, just build and let it produces.

    Well, lets talk about the builds formation.

    In a early stage, you rarely will need to train more than one familiar at a time, but will need to merge pacts and produce anima. So, my recommendation is one gym, one Spire and two Springs. Level up them to level 9 or 10, you won't need more than this at this earlier moment. Once you is growing with this, let's say, almost ready to go to pact 2, then upgrade the builds to level 17 or 18. When going to pact 3, level up from 22 to 24. And thats all. Pact 4 will take a huge amount of time, resources and researches, you will surely try it in a year or two. :P

    Again: what I said about builds is my RECOMMENDATION, you can adjust this as you wish.

    You are done with the "physical infrastructure". Let's do more.


    The first thing is: Some researches for a pact type don't affect the other. Let's say: if you research "Merging Cost Pact (Pact 1)", it will not affect pact 2 and vice versa. So, aim the pact you're merging depending on your stage with familiars. I suggest to maximize all level 1 researches, except "Food Harvesting II". It will be needed only when you want to go to Pact 2.

    Once you have pact 2, give priority to "Pact Merging Speed I". Research "Merging Cost Pact (Pact 2)" only if you will invest on these familiar type. "Anima Storage I" is good, but not priority. Do the others only to full fit the requirements for these researches.

    So, you reached Pact 3. Congrats! For me, some of the best familiars are here. Once here, maximize all researches. Gold harvesting is not related with familiars, but... well, who don't love gold on this game? :heart:

    Pact 4. Later. Very later... lol...


    There are some gears to help and boost training and merging. All of them is related with Voodoo Shamam monster. If can find and kill him on the map to get his gears. Take a look at his gears going to Workshop, then tap "Event Equipment", and finally tap on Voodoo. You will see his power. If you are going to familiars that use skillstones, "Accursed Mask" and "Blighted Vial" is a must.

    But, the most important gear is an accessory called "Mystic Box". It can help a lot, because it can boots familiar EXP training and speedup pacts up to 25% EACH ONE. Plus, you get 6% infantary attack! It don't need Voodoo parts, only materials, so, it is easy to manage.

    Talent points? I talked talent points? I got you. There no talents for familiars. :D


    Is very simple. Put your familiar related gears, go to the Spire, tap "Pacts", select the pact and the number of pacts you want, fill the resources needed, and tap "Merge". Just wait. More pacts, more resources and time needed to finish merging. Higher pacts costs more and take more time than lower pacts, obviously.

    A note: Except for a icon on Spire and the merging left bar that disappears, you will not be notified when a pact is merged. So, take note of the time needed and come back to familiar area when his merging time is over.


    Before to go training, a few words:

    1. FOR ME, the best familiar at a first stage is Aquiris. Why? Well, he gives STA to you, and you can use it to speed up your heroes development! When you reach pact 3, look for Gemming Gremlin, as it gives gems!!

    2. The most important here: You can train more than one familiar at a time, building a second gym. But you can only merge 1 pact type at a time, even if you build a second Spire. So, manage well your pact/skillstone merging to the way you can train familiars with different pact types. Pact 1B is different from Pact 1A, and same for 2A and 2B. So, if you wanna train a Pact 1B familiar together with a Pact 1A familiar, you will only have profit on training two different familiars if you have both pacts to upgrade the skills.

    3. Training a familiar don't take ANY resources!

    That saied, again put your familiar related gears, go to Gym, tap the familiar you want. Now, at the top of the screen, tap "Tap to select heroes". The training time and the EXP boost train you receive is related with the number of heroes, they grade and rank. If you are training only one familiar, put all heroes on him (you still CAN use your heroes on colosseum, attacks, etc).

    If you are training more familiars, put the best heroes to the one you want priority, and the others to the second familiar (you don't build three gyms, don't you???). Just confirm, and wait the training to finish. Thats it. Keep training until it reaches max level, them enhance him, and train again until max elder level.

    A note: like pacts, you will NOT be notified by message or left bars when the familiar training is over. So, take note of the time needed and come back to familiar area when its training time is over. At this, IGG, make a second tab on the bars for familiars. Will help a lot!


    To enhance a familiar, you need two things: the runes for that familiar, and the familiar at max level of his stage. You can't upgrade him until it reaches max level of current stage (hatchling, adult and helder, remember?) or if you don't have enought runes. 

    To enhance, go to Monsterhold, tap the familiar you want, and see the screen. At top right you will enhance the familiar itself, and bellow upgrade his skills. Tap on the green "Upgrade" button. If your familiar is able to upgrade, tap the button "Enhance". Just wait the enhance to finish. You can use his skills even when he is enhancing.

    To upgrade skills, go again to Monsterhold, tap the familiar you want, and look at his skills. Choose the one you want and tap on "+" on the area for that skill. Now, use the LEFT button to upgrade the skill. Remember: don't waste the runes to upgrade skills, use ONLY to enhance!!!! Sometimes, you will get a boost on this. It's random, and between 2x and 5x. Sometimes... nothing. :(

    Once a skill is upgraded, all others (even for other familiars) will take double fragments to upgrade. Take care with this! The requirements are reseted on your login time, like the colosseum.


    1. The chance to get a rune for a particular familiar vary according to the familiars's rarity, so, DON'T WASTE THE RUNES FOR RARE FAMILIARS. 
    2. If you have a familiar at helder max level and get runes for him, shatter (split) them on Monsterhold to get fragments. If you really need fragments, shatter other runes, but use runes for a familiar you don't aim to upgrade or use, and don't use rare familiars runes!
    3. In the middle of the time, build another Spire. You may ask: "Why another Spire? The resources needed to merge a lot of pacts is very high!". Yes, you're right. At my actual level of builds and research, I can merge 6 pacts at a time, and they take about 550k of each resource (except anima, 55k, and gold , 6k). But... when the lunar event comes, the second Spire will be VERY, VERY useful, because the resources needed are reduced a lot. By the way, you can choose how many pacts you can merge, so, merge what you want/can and use the profits of the second Spire when lunar event comes!
    4. If you wanna know the features and rarity of the familiars, even if you don't have it, go to Spire, tap "Pacts", then select the familiar pact you want to know more about. Then tap on the magnifing glass on the top middle of screen. On this screen you can see the rarity. Higher number, more rarity. Finally, tap on the familiar you want, and look at the preview. You can know more about the features tapping on it, on right down of screen.

    Questions? Ask! XD

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what do you mean don't waste runes for rare familiars?
what else would we need them for. i am a noob please enlighten me :)