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[Guide] All-in-One Guide! All you need is inside!

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Posted on 2018-03-14 00:52:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys, I took some time to sort out all the guides in WeGamers. Hope it will be easier for you to check out the guide you need.  If you have better ideas to make it clearer, please comment below or contact me directly.  

Newbie Guide
Leaders & Heroes
Gear and Talents
The Way to Protect Your Leader and Troops
What Happens If My Leader Gets Captured?
The Easiest Way to Get and Improve Your Heroes
Everything You Need to Know About the Hero Stage

Building Your Turf
How Construction Speed Work
How to Gather Resources As Fast As Possible

Solo Event and Hell Event (MUST KNOW)
Guide to Killing Darknests

Benefits of Joining a Guild
The Easy Way to Find Your Guild Members' Location

Comprehensive Guide
F2P Guide to 10M Might in Under 60 Days
From Zero to 20 Million Might with 30-day Supply Chests

Advanced Guide
Hero Stages
- Normal (To be done)
Elite  (To be completed)
Challenge   (To be completed)
Hero Stage Guide for F2P Players

Guide to Reach Colosseum Top 500

How to Maximise Troop Boosts
How to Get Tier 4 Troops As Fast As Possible

How to Build a Trap Account
Hide troops up to 2.6M in a matter of seconds
Clearing Skirmish 8 with Less Troops and Less Loss

Familiar Guide
Familiar System FAQ

Basic information about Kingdom Wars
KvK Battle Tactics for Solo Players
Fast Way to Earn Solo Points in Kingdoms Clash
Gem Lords Respawn Time (To be done)

Guild Showdown FAQ
5 Tips for Guild Showdown
How to Reaching Tier 20 In Guild Fest

Spend your Money Wisely
What P2W Heroes are Worth Buying?

If this is helpful, please add it to your bookmark. I'll add more guides later :-D

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