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[Guide] [Think Tank] Newbie Guide - Guild Fest

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How to prepare for guild fest

Soo.. firstly, what is guild fest? Guild Fest is an event that occurs every 3-4 weeks after KvK. There are three tiers and each tiers unlocks additional prizes.

More prizes? Yes! You unlock more prizes as your guild moves up each tier, for example, to move up from beginner tier to intermediate tier, your guild needs to place in the top 5 at the end of the event, middle 10 will remain in the tier they started guild fest in, and bottom 5 will drop a tier (exception: beginner tier).

What could I get from guild fest? You could get a ton of items, from gems to p2p exclusive boxes (i.e monster hunting gear, monster chests... I don't think there are champion boxes though :p).. virtually almost everything in the game with the exception of champion boxes, heroes, castle skins! I'm not sure if any things from recent updates could be earned from guild fest (familiar related items).

Is there any requirements or rules that I need to know?
You can find the rules once the event has started under the "i" interface. However, here's the list anyways!
1. Guild must have 25+ people
2. Individual players must have lvl 15 castle or above
3. You can only gain points with the guild you started the event with
4. Abandoning Quests does NOT reset your quest attempts!!! <-- IMPORTANT
5. R4s and R5 can remove quests as they see fit.
6. New quests appear every 30mins after being claimed or removed!

What kind of quests can I expect? You can expect about everything in game related, from gathering to healing troops to ranking top 70 in solo/hell events! Here are the quests that I know of:
1. Train Troops
2. Gather
3. Clear Lvl 5 Tiles
4. Heal Troops
5. Increase (total/hero/research/building) might
6. Complete ## stage 3 Hell Events
7. Random Quests
8. Hit Monsters x times
9. Win Darknest Rallies
10. Obtain Essences
11. Obtain lvl 19+ Essences
12. Purchase Packs
13. Spend Gems
14. Execute Prisoners
15. Random Quest
16. Open Mystery Box
17. Cargo Trade
18. Participate in Colosseum / Rank up in Colosseum
19. Complete VIP Quests
20. Complete Guild/Admin Quests
21. Encounter Boss in Lab / Spend Stars
22. Send Help 
23. Complete Hero Stages (you can spam the ones you've completed before as well)
24. Spend Guild Coins

Warning: Guild Fest is harder than it seems with some of these quests! Choose wisely.

So how do I prepare for guild fest? Simple really! Save up admin/guild scrolls, energies, speed ups, stars! 
-> Keep in mind that there is the "epic" boss that comes out every few months, so use your energy packs at your own risk!

How do I maximise my rewards? In terms of guild fest as a whole, help out your entire guild! Help them earn helps, join darknest rallies for their quest, help them look for tiles so they can gather! The more points your guild earns, the higher chances you have at making it in the top 5 to advance.

Individually, be patient. Saving up Stars for Labyrinth quests while a special Labyrinth Boss is out is the best way to earn some common ultra rares for your gear and not to mention a TON of gold, while completing your quest! If you're lucky, you could even complete guild fest just by doing Labyrinth quests alone, assuming you have the stars.

If you're doing a Boost Total Might Quest (best way is to boost troops), is to wait and see if there's a Troop Training Hell Event!

If you're doing a Hell Event Quest, you can maximise your rewards by lining up Solo+Hell+24hr Events if they match your quest requirement (i.e Research, Buildings.. etc)

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What is the ' Get a Random Quest' task?
How do you get it?

Posted on 2018-04-15 11:46:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

You got it Starfish! Remember that this type of quest is only available in the Expert (top) Gauntlet.

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