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[Guide] Familiars/Pacts Guide and tips

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Now, if you are still not familiar with "familiars," this is the guide for you! Continue reading if this is the case!

Familiars are monsters you can tame. You may ask, how do you tame them? Well, first you need to build a Mystic Spire, which you could construct once you complete skirmish 8. To upgrade the Spire, you must have your Castle level and your monsterhold above the level you want to upgrade your spire to. Once you have built a spire, you start off with two types of pacts, Pact1A and Pact1B. To unlock the other pacts such as Pact2A-Pact4, you will need to research them in the branch called “Familiars” in the Academy. The higher the number next to the type of pact it is affects the resources and Anima required to merge. Please note that you can only merge one group of pacts at a time which i will go over later in this guide.

Each type of pact contains its own obtainable items and monsters. This is how you tame the monsters. You open them in the Monsterhold building once they are finished merging. Each monster has its own ability. To upgrade a monster’s skill, it will require Fragments, which you will also recieve from merged Pacts.

How should I format the Familiar area of my turf?

Really, it depends on what you feel works for you. But for me, I am currently running 2 Mystic Spires, 5 Springs, and 1 gym. I decided to only have one gym because I put all my heroes to work on one hero, ignoring the fact that it gives a Level EXP boost everytime you upgrade the gym, and could add up of you build more gyms. I have built 2 spires so i could merge up to 18 Pacts, as 9 (one Mystic Spire) is not long enough so that I do not waste hours of precious merging time while im asleep. I have 5 Springs to get a decent to great amount of Anima and have enough storage/capacity to store it.

Some Familiars have support skills, some have attack skills. But every monster/familiar has a permanent skill that is always active.

Like I was saying earlier, you can only merge one group of pacts at a time. You can have 2+ Mystic Spires and be able to only merge one group. Even have 5 Mystic Spires and only have one group of up to 45 pacts merging. This fact is good because you dont have to manually merge and seperate your resources for each Spire you have. The bad fact is you cant (assume you have 2 Mystic Spires) have 9 pacts currently merging for lets say 6 hours each (which mean it takes only 6 hours to merge 18 pacts). What is currently in the game is that the time adds up the more pacts you merge so its 12 hours for 18 pacts if thats the case.

Hopefully this Guide helped you a lot, and I am planning to make more guides in future updates! If you want, I could make a guide about things already in the game, for example formations, etc. Goodbye!

I make mostly guides, but will soon make some events with rewards in the future too!
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If anybody has questions or suggestions, please let me know.

I make mostly guides, but will soon make some events with rewards in the future too!
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I have 2 Spires, 3 Gyms, and 3 Springs.  Should I demolish and the 2 extra Gyms, and add 1 or 2 Springs and 1 or 2 Spires?

How many Familiars are there?  I'm guessing that each type of Pact has a certain number, right?

Thanks for the post?

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I disagree about 5 springs/1 gym. Unless you are speeding up a lot of Pacts, 4 springs seem able to keep up. I have everything at 20, with 4/2/2 spring/spire/gym, and have never needed to bust into anima pacts. Have been doing Pact 3. 

I also think the familiar exp bonus is pretty big. A lot of the hold up seems to be leveling some of the familiars (though I haven't had any Pact 3 reach (or get close to) elder yet).

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I agree with Tudi's setup. I started with 1 spire, then made 2 and now I'm back to 1. Merging pact 3 overnight or when you go AFK for a longer period of time is probably the best way to go. This way you utilize the best possible merging speed for both pacts.

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I have a doubt that has been chasing me for weeks: Why do the costs of merging pacts varies sometimes? Specially about pact 2, sometimes the amount of resources required for the merge are way lower than the usual, and suddenly, the resource cost rises back to its original state. How do I know when this will happen and how to control it?