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[Guide] Lords Mobile Familiar Guide

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Familiars are a great help to you and are an important part of the game.
Currently I feel like they are a little underpowered, however IGG seems to be working to buff them.

The Best Beginner Familiar: Aquarious
Aquarious is one of the best familiars in the game and it is very easy to get. At max strength it gives on average 180 STA a day, which is worth 3k gems a day, way better than even the gemming goblin!

Aquiris will help you get your heros faster, allowing you to get your Rose Knight and Trixter to Gold Sooner!

The main thing that will limit your development for familiars are runes. Most good skills are locked behind stages, and you need runes to advance each stage. In order to get past each stage, you will need to open hundreds of pacts. So even to unlock the most basic skill of a high tier monster, it will require hundreds of hours and millions of rss.

Aquiris unlocks his skill at adult so you can unlock him pretty early. People usually get him to adult within 10 days without any speedups or research. In addition as a pact 1B familiar, you don’t need to do any research for it. So you can start working on him as soon as you unlock familiars.

If you are targeting Aquiris, your optimal turf layout will need to start with Two Mystic Spires. This way you can at least 8 Pacts Merged at once so you can merge all the time while you are asleep too.
You will only need 1 gym, and when training your familiar, put all your heroes on the one familiar.
You should fill the rest with Springs, Springs give Merging Speed which is very important as it will allow you to open more Pacts and get more Runes.

Make sure to build the lv 45 Mystic Box Accessory. The accessory gives a ton of Merging Speed and Familiar Training lvl EXP boost. You can equip up to three and you only need to equip the accessory when you are starting a familiar training, or starting a pack merge. After you started it, you can switch to whatever other equipment you want.

When training a familiar, remember you can always end the training early. So if you finish forging a new equipment that will help with training, make sure to end your training early, equip all your familiar equipment, and start it up again.

You should also try to get Hatchling versions of all of the familiars for their first passives. Some of the hatchling familiars have very good passives as their first one. For example Magus increases the number of pacts you can merge.

Advanced Familiars: Pact 3
Once you are done with Aquiris you should begin to work on Pact 3. Pact 3 in general has a lot of good passives and skills especially for building up and improving your account.
Pact 2 currently is very under powered, although you can get the skills of the familiars early, the skills are only worth a few gems a day, while the Pact 3 skills are pretty powerful.

As you are doing pact 3, make sure you only have one spire one gym, and 5 springs. You really want to push your merging speed to the max.

For research, after unlocking Pact 3, you should max Pact Merging Speed 1. The merging Cost reduction researches are not very good, they only apply to one specific pact, like Merging Cost (Pact 1) Only applies to Pact 1.
I’m not a fan of the later researches, they take a long time… time better spent working on your military researches.

As for Pact 4, it has a significant RSS and time cost associated with it, and the familiars don’t become good unless you get them to elder, which takes a crazy large amount of merges to get. Pact 4 is extremely expensive and should be one of the last things you consider for your account. You should only start seriously working on Pact 4 if you are almost completely maxed. And by then, you won’t need a guide for what to do.

An earlier version of this guide appeared on reddit.
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How does STA result in 3k gems?

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Pact 4 is not that hard to attain - I got Pact 4 after only 3 months from starting the Game.

However what I want to know is 'What is Leader Escape?'

Does anyone know how it works?

Good Luck!
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I would think that it reduces the time it takes for your leader to be released from a prison.

Have Fun :)
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Thanks ok