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[Guide] Newbie Guide: Construcion and Reseach

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Newbie Guide: Construction and Research guide


RSS Buildings
When you first start the game, it may not seem important how many resource buildings you make, but it's a major thing. You have the option to build 4 resource buildings: Farm (Food), Quarry (Stone), Lumber Mill (Wood), Mines (Ore). Firstly, you shouldn’t ever need to build more than 1 Farm. This is because Food is one of the most common resource in the game and with a big army it is impossible to have enough food. When your army upkeep is more than your food production, your army does not disappear or lose power. In fact, when you have 0 food nothing happens. If you want a mixture of Stone, Wood and Ore, I recommend using 6 buildings of stone and wood and 5 of Ore. This is because Wood and Stone are used more often that Ore.  However, I personally don’t recommend using a mix. I recommend that you chose 1 resource and build only that building (you need at least 1 of the others). This is called a hyper and it allows you to make millions of your chosen resource daily. If you do decide to become a hyper farmer, then you may need to consider getting a Guild bank or simply distributing the resources across your guild members.

P2P Buildings
P2P buildings are your: Battle Hall, Prison, Altar and Treasure Trove. When starting the game, it is very enticing to spend your gems on buildings and upgrading the quicker, but this is a very bad thing to do and will hurt your account later. With those gems, you shouldn’t spend any on Troops, Buildings, research. You need to spend them on your Battle Hall, Prison and Altar. The reason for this is that they are needed to unlock Academy 25, which allows you to unlock the T4 research (T4 troops are the strongest in the game so far). On all 3 of these buildings, it will cost 10,000 Gems per 1000 of its unique material. To upgrade these buildings from 1-25 it will cost 200,000 gems, but you receive some of the materials from your guild gifts.

Other building, such as Watch Tower or Workshop

In lords Mobile, there are a few buildings that can be very vital later, but players usually ignore them. A perfect example of this would be the Embassy. The embassy allows your guildmates to reinforce you if your castle is under attack. Not only will this inflict more damage onto the attacker, but your troops can simply be healed again. If you continue to reinforce players, then this could prevent other guilds attacking you.

Your Watchtower is used to see what the enemy is attacking you with. This is extremely important because it allows you to know if you can defend the attack or not. If you are, then keep your troops and leader out, but if the attacker is too strong, then shelter your troops and leader.

Your Workshop is the building that allows you to store and build your gear. Gear is another vital thing in Lords Mobile and I will insert a link to my other guides for you to see different gear sets such as Gathering, attacking, Construction speed and Research speed. When you make new gear, it is called forging. All gear has 5 tiers of which the gear piece advances in stats. These tiers are called Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary (From Worst – Best).

Your Trading Post is used to send your guildmates resources. When this building is a low level, it does have a high tax. The tax takes a percentage of the resources you send. For example, if you send 1,000,000 woods and there is a 10% tax, you will need to send 1,100,000 to cover it. As you progress through the game, you will gradually find it harder to get the resources. This is where an active and willing guild will help you. A good guild isn’t always the biggest.

Your Wall is a building that has mixed opinions on. A lot of lower players believe that the wall is a strong building, but it isn’t. You should never invest gems or speedups into this building, or the corresponding research. As a player with over a year experience, I can tell you now that the wall is almost useless. No matter how big your wall is, it can be destroyed easily.

Your Vault is another building you want to upgrade. This building will protect your resources (and gold at level 25). When other players attack you, they can only receive resources over your vault limit. This means that you should always try and keep your resources below that limit, which can be done by sending to a guild bank, or just your guild members.

C17 + Buildings

The Labyrinth building holds lots of rewards and a massive jackpot. There are two options inside, which are Normal and Elite. The normal option is open to everyone however, the elite is only open to players who have bought $99.99 pack. The elite option has a jackpot 10x larger than normal, but you need to use 10x more holy stars. When you hit the labyrinth monster on normal, you will receive 1 reward, but in elite, you receive 11 of that 1 rewards (it could be 11 50% winged boots for example).

The Springs allow you to produce Anima. Anima is used in the ‘Familiars’ research section and merging pacts. They also allow you to store more anima, which is perfect for larger researches. Finally, they increase the Pact merging speed in the Spire.

The Gym allows you to increase the level of your familiars, which is needed for higher skills. As you upgrade the buildings, you increase the training exp boost. This allows you to gain more exp for the time it takes.

The Spire allows you to merge pacts. Pacts are the only way to receive new familiars and to “evolve” them you need duplicates. As you upgrade the spire it lets you merge more pacts at once (9 at level 25).

The Monster hold is the building that allows you to see and keep all your familiars.
I personally recommend using 2 Gyms, 1 Spire and the rest Springs. This will allow a high anima production with plenty of pacts going at once.
Barracks, Manor and Infirmaries and shelter.

The Barracks allows you to build troops. The higher your barrack level, the more troops you can build at a time. Upgrading it will allow you to build 5,000 at a time. Buildings multiple barracks doesn’t benefit you much and doesn’t decrease the time taken to build those troops. 5,000 will be half if 10,000. When building troops, you will need resources. The resources for each troop type (infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Siege) will require a different combination of Stone, Wood and Ore. They all need Food and all need Gold above Tier 1.

The Manor is one of the most needed buildings for troops. This building will allow you to increase your training speed dramatically. 20% at level 25. This building also increases gold production. Gold is the most needed resource in the game. 

The infirmary is the building that will protect your troops. Each infirmary will allow a specific number of soldiers that can be wounded. For example, if you have 100,000 slots in your infirmary, then you can hold 100,000 troops (wounded) before any die. Wounded troops can simply be healed with resources and speedups. I personally don’t recommend using speedups or gems on this unless you need to you.

The Shelter is possibly  the most important building in the game. A shelter allows you to hide troops and most importantly your leader. Without your leader, you will lose all buffs from your gear and talents. This will make all progress extremely slow. A shelter allows you to hide your troops and leader from 12 hours maximum, which is plenty to hide all day.
I personally recommend using 1 Barrack, 6/7 Infirmaries, 8/9 Manors. I do not recommend being a hyper gold producer unless you will be bubbled 24/7 or you are alt account that will feed the main with gold.
Construction Speed

When you are looking to increase your construction speed, there are 4 ways of doing it. Heroes, research, gear and talents. All 4 of these provide a sufficient amount and will help you build your castle.

There are two Free to Play heroes that provide construction speed. These are Scarlet Bolt and Sage of Storms. Both heroes provide 20% construction speed. An addition to that, they can both be used when hunting monsters. Sage of storms for monsters that need magical damage and Scarlet bolt for Physical. There are a few P2P heroes that provide Construction speed too. These could be The Big Guy and Witch Doll. Witch doll provides 20%, but The Big Guy provides 30%, which makes The Buy Very popular.

When getting construction speed from research there is only one way of doing this. This is the Construction speed research in the Economy tree. This research gives 70% at 10/10, which is far higher than the heroes.


P2P Construction Gear

F2P Construction Gear


There are two different talents that you can put your talent points into for construction speed. Construction speed 1 and 2. Construction speed 1 provides 40% and construction speed 2 provides 65%. In total, this is 105%.

Research trees

The economy tree provides some important researches, such as construction speed, vault management and gathering speed. Also, if you are a hyper I recommend you unlock the resource of your choice. This will help you produce more daily. I personally won’t recommend you go too deep into this tree until you have unlocked Tier 4 troops.

Defence tree is all about the wall and the traps connected with it. As I said before the wall is not needed and you shouldn’t ever invest gems or speed ups into it. Although traps do help kill a few of the enemy’s troops, I would not unlock most of this tree until you unlock more important researches.

The military tree is by far the most useful tree in the game for war. It provides massive attack, HP and defence stats. With the military tree, you are more likely to defend an attack that having a million HP wall for example. You also need to work your way down the army stats. The army is on all your troops. For example, 3 army attack is 9 attack because it is 3 attack on all 3 troop types. Unlock this asap to unlock your T4. I recommend that you use all your research and normal speedups on this research to get it maxed.

Monster Hunt is another tree that is great. It will allow you to get gems, speed ups and many other things needed to progress through the game. If you can hit level 4 and 5 monsters, you will see a vast number of things rolling in. However, I personally trust the level 1 hitting theory. This is where you only hit level 1s as a guild, which will increase your guild gift level, an increased amount of guild gifts for all members, not just you. I recommend that you do invest some time into this tree and unlock the level 3 or maybe 4 monsters before moving back to the military.

Upgrade Defence tree is one of, if not the worst trees in the game. There is basically nothing that is needed unless you have all the other trees maxed.

Upgrade Military tree does have some good researches in. This tree is basically making your time playing the game easier. The subsidies are good, but not needed. Some of the more needed things are training speed, innate talents, quick swap and the central command is useful. With the increased army, it can be useful, but I would not recommend doing it before you have unlocked your Tier 4 troops. The T4 subsidies are useful too, but not easy to get.

Army Leadership tree is like upgraded military, but this does have research that will make you hit harder. These are your 3 army researches and debuffs. However, these are not easy to get. Some useful research is the training speed, phalanxes. The phalanx will help you counter other players and kill more of their troops.

Military Command tree is almost useless until you get to the bottom and unlock the fury attack, hp and defence researches and the 10 additional talent points. There are a few decent researches, like max energy 3 and max deposit 2 and shelter expansion. Also, if you are a hyper you should unlock the storage increase for your chosen resource. Don’t get this until you have tier 4 troops.

Familiars tree is not needed until you have unlocked and worked into the other research. If you are working on this tree it should be noted that to get pact 4 it is very expensive to unlock the research, but not only that it is expensive to buy the tier 4 pacts and not easy to upgrade each familiar. In my opinion, it is more beneficial to get the pact 3 and work on them. These have 3 familiars that give infantry, ranged and cavalry attack.

Research speed
Research speed can be increased through your academy, heroes, talents and gear. Below I will show you what they give and where to get them.

when you increase your academy, you will increase your research speed %. From 0.5 – 30% at level 25. This is a good passive increase that you will build over time.

There is only 1 F2P hero that gives research speed. This hero is called Trickster. Trickster gives 25% research speed at gold grade. This hero should also be your first hero to upgrade. There are a few different P2P heroes that give research speed. Two could be Witch Doll and Dark Follower, which both give 25% research speed.

There are only 2 talents you can get that give research speed and these are Research 1 and Research 2. Research 1 gives 40% research speed, but Research 2 gives 65%. Making a total of 105% research speed.

P2P Research Gear

Main-Hand                  Off-Hand

Electric Lance                   Vice Grips


Wyrmbone Coronet            Lunar Flute

Terror Shield                     Lunar Flute

Legs                           Accessory
Gryphon Walkers                Lunar Flute

Thank you for reading this guide and if there are any mistakes or things I could add please leave a comment.

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Have Fun :)
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Thanks for sharing your guide! :)