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[Guide] Army Research Tips

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Posted on 2017-11-20 17:43:02 | Show thread starter's posts only


making this post for my own guild mates first off all, but any one free to read it comment if i'm missing anything or anything should be changed here :)

Research speed:

we all know army research 1-8 is no problem at all, but getting up from 8-9 can feel like a huge step! getting up to 250days (base) research time! for this i want you to make sure you have a decent research speed. double check if you can get some extra % research speed within the next 5days. if this is possible you can save yourself some days. go trough heroes and gear before you do anything (expect you not to forget talents)


Gold is a hassle to get ahold of in the last moment. and farming gold to early is allso a waste in its own way. for all you know you have to join a rally, you forget to shield or anything like that. you might think "that wont happen to me", but it does. it happens to anyone eventually. even the most hardcore turtles that have ever played the game.

Bank gold in the bank and send a mail when you have done so. maybe they dont track all you send to it, but the person being the bank is going to get a good view on you. this will make it more likely the bank will supply you with gold when you ask for gold for a research. you dont have to send 10mil gold a day. sending only 1mil each day can be good enough, but keep in mind that manors should allways be generating gold. this is important on any of my toons (even the one with 5mil might is allways making gold for my mains.

Sum up:

doing army 9 with 240% researchspeed it will take you arround 75days to complete the army 9. if you send the bank 1mil gold each day this period is going to have you fill it with 75mil gold. then the day you are able to start next army 9 you know and the bank will know you have saved up some money the past time for this day.

having 8 manors at level 20 (this should be doable for anyone) you will make 650160 gold each day (with a "common Soul Forger 7,5%";) farming the last 500k should be doable for any one :)

Now i want you to keep in mind that saving up the gold every day and making it a habbit can even make the guild bank being willing to donate you for army 10. this is going to cost a whooping 109mil gold. even if you have not saved up that much the R4 in a decent guild would help you out with that as you have proven to be a dedicated player the past months being able to save up the little 1mil gold each day :)

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