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[Guide] Guild Showdown: Strategy

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Posted on 2017-10-08 09:57:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Having an Strategy is one of the most important thing in Guild Showdown.

From percentage of troops to lineups, these can be considered as strategy.

But having the real strategy is the best.

By using Logics of Army,
Atk: Low
Hp: High
Def: High

Atk: Med
Hp: Med
Def: Med

Atk: High
Hp: Low
Def: Low

We can use formations like 
Inf+Ranged [50/50]
Ranged+Cav+Inf [45/25,30]
Ranged+Cav+Inf [60/30/10]
Ranged+Inf [50/50]
Last [1-3]
Cav+Ranged [50/50]

This strategy is a example of how you can easily plan your strategy,
Do not try any strategy i have typed above, it just a demo on how u can plan your strategy.

After that, Army Lineup.
One of the most important thing for battle.
E.g: By using Ranged Phalanx against Cavalry Phalanx, Ranged gets first hit on cavalry.
Lineup is always your choice, no one can guess correctly of all lineups. 
Using Strategy of [Logics of Army]+[Army Lineups].

U'll have greater chance in winning Guild Showdown!
Hope you enjoy my guide,

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