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[Guide] 10 things I wish I knew starting Lord's Mobile.

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Posted on 2017-08-23 15:19:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

First you should start by following the guide because the guide takes you very far and offers the fastest leveling up solution.
Second spend your gems on VIP 1-8. Once you get to level 8 the benefits are the best until you can make gems by yourself.
Third, always scout. Never send your troops into any battle without scouting the area first. Sometimes people create the image of having low might, but they are all liquid might. Meaning that they use only troops to get might, so attacking them would put you at a disadvantage even if your might seems higher.
Fourth is leveling up construction and resource boosters. In the long run they will save you a lot of time leveling up faster.
Fifth join a guild that is better than you are, but one you can still participate with on rallies.
Sixth always use your energy and sta because you never want the cooldown to stop. If your cooldown is not running then you are losing Sta and Energy!
Seventh open up your free chest every chance you get becuase it gives free resources.
Eighth, when you finally defeat the final turf boss then you can get a gem storage that also allows you to create more gems. 30 days is the best deal always put your gems in there.
Ninth make a defensive champion your main, so when you are offline you still get the defensive booth.
Ten when you are attacking in rallies together always try to have good communication as to when you will attack, because attacking rapidly is hardest for the enemy to handle.
Of course always make sure you're having fun! :) Enjoy!

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