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[Guide] Why 2 types is best

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Posted on 2017-08-05 13:53:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

2)Why not to use one type with a little of each but 1) 2 full types (to avoid everything at once) (lets use 500k for example, 300k one type, 100k of each)

*1) 2 1type army and a mix of the 2 2)its always gonna be 1 type and a little of the other as frontline

*Research for cheapness= takes more time,less for each troop unless you ignore the other 2 types or only a little  (2 types can just run down the line on 2 types)

*2)Meatshield, since you use a little of each, if you use inf and they hit with cav you need archers, but 1st you lack it, 2nd are you only going to put meatshields on 1 type? And it wont probably protect the archers from hits unless its alot, so constantly healing t3 and also losing troops,making it more painful

*gear and gems wise, bad for this (example)since you either are cav or cav with a bit of inf and archer (which it needs cause its so few numbered), 2 type can just equal it out better, good gear also generally has 2 types for it ontop, just work on balancing it out

*mostly 1 type is beginning of the game style, 2 type is more end game

-For 2 type its simple to put meatshields on

*The counter isnt actually put in your favour if that makes sense, it is but its too little, itll only hold back a hit, maybe partially a 2nd hit

2type vs mix:

*If they know your army, better of a mix,if they dont, likely 2 types can be better

*mix can put whatever it wants as frontline

*mix unless alot of troops then is forced using 2 type/ 3 type attacks which means siege ontop,2 type can be 1 type and a little or 2 type depending on how you set up to it

*mix takes more meatshield to 2 type

*more cost on making it cheaper, so less research

*mix means more balancing on heros and gear, thats a pain, 2 type can fit alot of 2 type gear on for it, mix means 1/5 2/5 heros a type only,so each type isnt so strong,letting in those huge 1type hits

for risk lovers and at the beginning advantage

*smashes mixesm struggles on 2 type

*lack on being able to hit some 1 type players

*lack of defense but again if they have no clue,smashes mixes

5/5heros focused and full gear for it

*2type is close to 1 type attack,little less on gear and if has more time can get 5/5 on a class atleast too

*t3 hates t4 counter xD

*Needs quite heavily nunbers to defend/meatshields for cost

*The only way to counter is using a troop you got unless you mess up with frontline which you shouldnt ,inf archer means inf, so inf line up can be done to stop it for example, same on every set of 2, 1/2 the troops stop it and a little of the counter troops do help a little, meaning it counters literally everything but itself which it can stop, could put a little cav infront but wouldnt recommend it, only be careful on t4 hits since if they break it, they will hit those 2nd type hard!

*2type can get 2/5 and 3/5 on heros, 3/5 meaning they can hit harder on a troop type and not mess it up, 2/5 just means 1 more hero to get to 3, 4heros can only be used for their squad attack, so could just do 4 if you like, id say get 3/5 on the troop thatll protect your ass if you get hit by the only way to beat it

*People can only hit so hard, 75k t1 on both can not let any t3 injure or very very little, so healing between hits

*Not exactly any downsides so much,easy to do,just it needs 250k+250k+75k+75k to work its very best (650k)
mix can go 250k+250k+250k+50k (siege) without meatshield though (maybe not need siege)

Only argument with it is what said just above and hit by that 1 annoying type and later on being able to use 3 1type on mix but its expensive and youll be working on a trap wise,meaning you can easy have struggles on trying to protect troops (think meatshields ontop) each attack

Posted on 2017-08-05 17:22:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

1 troop type is stronger than 2 troop types.
2 troop types is stronger than 3 troop types.

2 troop types is more versatile than 1 troop type.
3 troop types is more versatile than 2 troop types.

Balanced is stronger in the sense that it is harder to counter, however, two troop types are just slightly harder to counter than 1 troop type.  

Balanced is better for fort/base wars.
1 troop type is better for rallying down titans based on their current phalanx.

2 troop types carry both the disadvantages of 1 troop type and balanced troop types. The advantages however, do not counter balance the disadvantages so, in my opinion, I do not recommend two troop types to anyone.

However, whichever you choose to do, you should always have all three troop types on defense so that you do not get countered.

Posted on 2017-08-06 10:37:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

1 troop type is best for attack.
3 troop types is best for defense.

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Posted on 2017-08-07 16:42:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

2 type is close to 1type attack (or atleast closer in between when mixed attacks) and in order to beat it, they have to fight a troop you have, 250k normally does not knock down 125k in a fair match, 2 type is easy for meatshield, why cant you guys understand?

Ive tested all the types and the things you come up with is simply 1type is best attack and 3type is best defense lol, and in 2types in this game,there is almost no such thing as fair, so have more than them, 2 type isnt letting them past while being able to do almost or if not with slightly less gear stats only and a choice, 3 type needs a ton of numbers to have each type and a decent bit of meatshields each, 2type is far easier, unless you stay in a bubble and grow troops

Posted on 2017-08-07 16:44:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

And to maintained, another thing is the fact that youve done 1type beats 2 type, well dude it also beats 3 type,slightly less in a sense but still
2 type beats 3, well by quite a bit dude

Basically 1type beats 2 and 3type
                 2type beats 3 type

Posted on 2017-08-07 17:50:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nerd mode but hey lets see what happens lol

250k mix (75k+75k+75k+25siege) against 250k archers for example, they put on 4 archer heros and rose for attack, the heros add about 100% each boost and gear thats 30%stronger,each start on 135%+135%+100%(hp,def) +58% attack only (370% and 328%) but sure one type will likely have more attack on itself,so 10%more , so this guy stops with inf but only has 1 hero since the other 2 types have the other 2 heros since he uses them more and uses a rose

He can have 50% on an inf hero (30+20attack,50hp but no defense but it isnt useful) then 2heros for cav and archer, they got rose so 1 for cav,meaning (30+20%)attack but since rose gives hp boost so only -50attack,-100%defense, only -50%attack really for the 1st hit since they wont break the inf line likely or if they do itll barely be touched

archer for them then means -50%hp and -50%def, so nothing happens to them but hero number just like cav

75kx 1.06 (1.25 cause x2 every 4 hits)(1/4hero on troops so an extra 1/4)lmao, 80k but its 2x attack in a counter=160k (75kx3 for hp is 225k)
75kx1.12 is 85k
25k (since couner is 3x hp)x1.12 is 29k
same goes for siege but no heros on it,  25k/3 is 8k xD
Ok before you counter up the 225k as attack its 160k
=293k attack with 225k hp for the inf (both the same to their boosts)

But back to 1type 250kx1.25 is 312k, it has more boosts on though, just by doing the math with the heros, and not the extra boosts, its still about the same lol

1type against defending troop that takes hit

370% attack+328% hp on their troops
50%extra on heros,10% attack on talents, 30% attack,hp,def on gear (thats little btw likely its more)
460% attack,408% hp on troops with a bit more defense ontop but lets keep it more simple lol

370/460 and 328/408 is 0.80 and 0.80, that bit is weird but its the same lmao 

Attack 160k x0.8 is 128k with 225k hp,defense is 180k

Troops that likely wont be hit:


370% attack
-50%attack is 370/430 is 0.86



29k isnt effected=29k 

So siege is 

8k, minus boosts like 100%, lets just say 5k attack yeah? Less writing and using the calculator
So mixed

128k+73k+29k+5k=235k     235kattack on all and 225k hp and defense on inf vs 250x1.25 is 312.5k and 250k hp/def
312.5k/225k is 1.4 and 250/235 is 1.06, so thats 1.23 stronger
NOTE: i have not 1/3 since ive pushed up inf hp/def

So um, one type doesnt beat mixed? Ive even tested in game, even if its in the losing phalanx it still means its a win and can add on meatshields to make it a draw or slightly a win to lose even less where mixed would need to push out alot of meatshields to even be able to do the same


Posted on 2017-08-07 18:53:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

2type vs 1type

Look-> defending troop=archer, 2nd troop=cav
2type, archer and cav example (not including trickster and going a hero more)

1type wins on boosts due to 3attack,2hp and 2 defense, their archers go 2attack boosts,hp and defense, both use rose for extra hero and for 2nd
so thats a +30% attack only and 2types uses child of light

Gear say 10% since we went so low on mixed to make it a bit more fair

So thats 40%attack,10hp and defense

250k split lets say 150k archers and 100k cav

150kx1.19 is 180k is defending troop
+100k/3 is 33kx1.125 is 37k is 2nd troop

250kx1.25 is 312.5k

217k vs 312.5k

135%+135%+100hp/def+68%attack, since they put 2nd attack talents on, yeah, 2type can go 2attack and be spare for a 2nd skill attack on defending troop

370hp/def, 338attack

+20+10% attack,hp,def is 30% attack,10% hp,def for the defending troop

370/380 is 0.97 defense,hp
338/368 is 0.92 attack

Defending troop
Attack: 180kx0.92=165.5k
Hp,defense: 150kx0.97=145.5k

Math for 2nd (onky needs attack since 1tyoe isnt killing 150k defending troops in a shot
2nd troop

30%attack less from gear,10% from talents, 2heros only, child of light is 30%attack against 100%hp and defense (-70%) so 110%, 2heros was done below(37k)
attack=37kx0.7 is 26k, math below

Attack 368-110 is 258,   258/368 is 0.7    

165.5k+26k is 191.5k attack and defending troop has 145.5k

191.5k attack and 145.5k hp+def vs 250k attack and 250k hp,def

250k/145.5k is 1.7 and 250k/191.5k is 1.3,  so 1.5 stronger

So 2x stronger than even,but lies in the middle here,beats mixed but loses against 2type like mix does, but this all comes down if they know what you got, 2type will suck in hits far better than a mix ever will

*Mix loses less in a go but 2nd hit will lose everything, 2type losses more in a go but in the 2nd hit will lose everything and barely even touch the attackers

*2type needs the right 1type, where as mixed is countered by any of the 3 fighting troops

*Either needs luck or knowing what the other has to beat 2type, mix just get lucky its a mix but really its not so lucky and more unlucky if you dont with what people do

*2type easier on meatshields

*2type better for taking in the whole hit and not letting it return lol

*2type set up slightly differently then perfect split is easy for almost 1type hits,mix=alot further away

*if they try and rally you, just send the counter to your defending troop and use it as the defending one,itll be weaker but hey you know what theyll send

*1type can change to 2type easy, 3type can change to 2type quite easily, same with 2type to 1 and 3type, so bang on in the middl

*can make extra pieces just for cav and put them on

Posted on 2017-08-09 21:35:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Basically what i was trying to say was

1type beats 2type a bit harder than 3type but it has to be the right one and that counter can be reduced by improving it more instead
1type beats a mix with any of the 3 fighting troops

2type beats 2type if got the right combo and phalanx/wedge destroys, if not right line up then can draw, 2type will destroy a mix, a mix wouldnt last except the few by morale

So that means to beat: 2type it needs either a strong 1type by the same troop it has or a good 2type hit (draw/loses)
                                         3type it needs any 1type 3fighting troops or 2type, a mix will draws/wins/loses depending on phalanx

Aka everything beats a mix,it only takes less of a hit from attacking it but it isnt good when comes to knocking out troops,but you can use meatshields??

Mix in wrong line up will be hurt badly, 2type in wrong line up aslong as not that troop you got then its a draw

So it challenges it,its not slightly harder than 1type to counter, work on that troop that stops the 1type, then only got to worry on getting right troops on line up

2type can use meatshields easier to take hits
2type is open to similar damage attacks like 1type
2type is better at sucking in hits (read the comment above lol (1type beats all unless countered with decent amount or itself or unfair))

And again, it only really matters if they know your army,and if they send that troop that counters then it wont be sucked in/most of it like any other hit lol