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[Guide] how many troops for a t4 hit and how to kill everything in it

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Posted on 2017-08-05 13:25:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

Before kvk quickly see how many troops is needed for 375k t4 hit (bottom is for the numbers)

Best way is 2 troop type antiscout+meatshield if you want to kill everything in it, t4 hits tend to have cav w or w/ archers, just so you know but not always but never seen t4 inf hit before and ive been hit lots of time by t4s

375k t4 is likely only if someone gets really angry, otherwise itll atleast have a bit of t3 in it

Full t4 375k:
*t4 is 50% better than t3
*t4 research but if you are maxed on 24acad then they only got army and hp/defense 50%attack,100%hp,100% def extra
*t4 generally has better gear than non t4 players, slightly more
+you can push your boosts up quite a lot

375k*1.5 is 525k, for boosts you can look at 700k t3

(Please note that the bigger the player,90% the time they have better gear than the weaker ones)

To kill a whole army you are looking at x2= 1.4m

Now if you go 2 type, archer and cav or inf (example) and they send cav and archers, archer front line will block the cav and youll be hitting cav with it and you then only got archer to hit (could be other way round) a counter is 2x attack,3x hp, thats why having the right phalanx/wedge makes a huge difference,with more hp and less attack

There is little chance they might send what would counter you but its little, being smart doesnt mean 1/3, people tend to have the same way

To know how many you need is your boosts and his but numbers are above, it can be 1m or 1.8m for example

Posted on 2020-10-23 03:13:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

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