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[Guide] when and when not to get bombin goblin

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Posted on 2017-08-03 13:07:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just like the title says:

When and when not to get him

Ok so bombin goblin
positive:Army attack of 20%,good for monster hunting
negative: wall Boosts in 2/3 skills(unless you are wall focused) ,bad in colo, not very good in stages

Ok now over to how good is attack, 1% attack is 1.05% hp, this is 5% better
20% attack is the same to (20%/20 (100/5))  so 20%+1%       21% hp

20%attack =21% hp
                                                                                             20% attack say its over 3 types or 4 but siege might not necessarily use it unless its a long fight with the wall and it gets countered by everything (3x hp in a counter means 1/3 damage, not sure if its more for siege) so 60% attack

Ok so back to where i was, there are heros that give 30% attack (60%-30%=30%) and 50% hp (about 48%attack, so 30%-48% means 18% better)

But 38% is worth more since its split and not all in one, for example, if someone has 200% total boosts and you have 300% total boosts, if they go up to 400% or its another person, youd need 600% which is 100% to 200% , meaning its got even more effect unless you are full focused only on hp,better for attack whens it comes to gear

So as you see here its 15%-20% better depending on your boosts, but it effects only 1 troop type and is slower to get 3 than 1 bombing goblin

Also again you will struggle more in colo (aka less gems) and on stages since either you are getting him up affecting gears or the heros grade

So bombin goblin if there isnt any other heros for example on inf since it laggs (its a ranged hero,so those sperts of extra attack arent with the inf) but like i said bombin is for walls or just to get quick boosts but in the long run likely hurts you (better for you if you are a mix)

Also it can be good to know (just tried it now) i think heros attack every 3 hits from the troops, so 200% extra troop attack is quite huge, basically to say its better to use a golden trickster than a blue ice queen

But get rose, definately get rose if you use some cav, the 10% less attack but its overall and shes got hp and wood production is good aswell, good in everything but monster hunting (except high level ones)