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[Guide] Simple but very helpful tips

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Some simple tips that you'll "facepalm" because they are so basic yet so good:

Siege in rallies:

There is no need for siege in rallies of 2m+

Lets see 250k basically boosted one type can beat 1m walls in several hits (basically each time the 4squads of the one type hit in an attack) , simple research and f2p gear with blue jewels makes about 100k-150k per hit

No siege perfect mix would mean a 750k rally, double it doesnt mean 300k per hit for example if using the same stuff,it'd mean roughly 500k

Yes 1.5m rally perfect mix would probably knock a 1m wall down in 2 hits with simply f2p gear and maxed 24 academy research, making it above will only increase the damage and if a p2p player holds it who has better gear and jewels or even t4 thats even better

Walls have a limit of course close to 1m, of about 1.5m but you see the point here, you wont see darknest strength walls but a good rule is a 2m dn wall normally is as strong as 1m normal wall on a castle

Think how funny it is when you go 1 or 2 types ;)

What does it mean if I sent siege even if it isnt needed?

Well it hurts a rally alot to catch a hit of a type 500k i'd say thats 125k upwards to 200k(depending on boosts) considering you got better boosts on troop types than the siege of course, consider that more troops= can take the hit from traps and archers with less damage

Siege also takes a long time to march dont even ask about the t4 ones giving more time to react and more wait time for you,consider counters are 2.5x, that lets say 150k siege is like 60k,consider theres more hp and defense in a counter hit, you are hitting possibly 40k attack and the rest of the troops will take more damage from traps and the others troops

Just picture it like a fort, you are sending in siege where you are fighting quite a few numbers, which do you think wins? And by how much most importantly

It might seem like little but so much as 2x as strong can kill almost every single troop, no joke.

Dont think its causing 500k+ a hit to a 1m wall= thats 2 hits,  really its in 3types for the example above, so all 3 types will do 1.5m in a hit of them all, not meaning it would beat a 1.5m wall like that but simply the extra

Walls can break phalanxes and wedges up! If you've watched the battle replays (yes they arent too accurate but they can sure help) if it takes a few hits,your front lines are both at the front,youll end up with cav lead by inf with archers behind them! just in general keep it in mind when hitting walls

A players gear can tell ALOT

It basically means lets say someone has cav and archer gear,they will be cav and archer I 99% guarantee you

But of course there can be last second gear changes and noobs but then they will be much easier than going against the former

Try and guess what this guy uses which is a good example ;)  but of course normally is slightly harder to guess than this which is plain obvious if you know the gear, leader can be a good guess but it can be used simply for an army boost for example

Stars for the monsters in labyrinth (F2P)

It seems everyone spends their stars straight away as they are got from the event monsters right?

What this means is you have to spend gems just to kill the monster after the weekly tries to avoid wasting them by not killing it and having a chance of seeing the boss

7tries a week( in daily free tries) +300 of your own stars = chance of seeing the gem goblin and then of course you can hit it

= 4tries per month for 1.2k gems,thatd be 1 chance and a little extra stuff,basically to see and kill the boss is ramdom,

Say you get 7k from the event monster, you can get 7tries or 12 (3.6k) then 3tries extra for 600 afterwards which you might need to attack the boss with ( 7 to 15 for simply patience)*

The event monster comes every 3 months if i'm not mistaken (of course it might not always give stars, i cant guarantee it will bare that in mind)

Please avoid putting camps down when in danger

Many people will when given a chance port to you army thats moving and depending on how lucky you are/ experienced of a plyer they are, they might port straight away after landing to get it instantly,if you need to,send to resource tiles since they can only be hit or return when full or the tiles empty

If you absoluetly have to then watch your troops and be ready to react!

If you have so many troops that you cant hide them nor shield and you are being rallied port to as far away as you can

Carpets cost alot, like no joke 100 packs may only get 2 carpets of 25% reduction

Dont set battlefury of whilst they rally makes a c25 go from 15minutes battlefury to 10minutes for a 5min rally

It can take them 1and a half hours to 2hours to march

Please also remember 25% then another 25% dont make 50% 

For example 2hours with 25% is 1hour and a half , every half an hour is 1/3 of that left over timer right? , 25% is 1/4 wouldn't quite hit an 1hour and then again,again,again,again,again

If its so urgent then get reinforced by your teammates

Did you know there are actually jewel chests in hell events?

These can appear in the second tier of them in c25 hell events (im not entirely sure about below)

For about 200k-250k points you can get a jewel chests and 9hours speed ups (8hour+1hour) with some other stuff aswell of course

*Keep it in mind i'd not advise doing it unless you are really hunting gems, in my opinion its best to do tier 3 but it is a quick and not too many speed up/gem losses considering the low points needed ;)

This means you can get alot more of them to build you up and a quick note is to not really care if theres a blue material chest because those can be bought with 10k coins considered to jewel chests costing 100k coins

If you need my igg id please say and ill put it,since for security reasons

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Hi there, please leave us your IGG ID and we can send you your reward ASAP. Thanks.

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Id is 335528201

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No reward??

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Hi, can someone tell me more about holy stars? What are their purpose or what are they used for? How do I see how many I have and how do I use them?